Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Comes

Fall is creeping up the mountains.  I have trees yellow as lemons, yellow as saffron, yellow as candleflame at the edge of the yard. 


  1. A glorious picture, Jo. Is that your view? I love it now, but come January I'll be happy I'm in San Diego. Still, it's beautiful!

    What are you writing looking at that view?


  2. I'm managing to make miniscule progress on Pax. Just a little. Just a little.

    I was unable to write for a good long while, so this is progress.

  3. I have serious view-envy. Green goes with yellow, right?

  4. Writers and craftsmen -- all kinds of artists -- should get to live anywhere they want. It's only fair.

  5. Lovely. I wish we were doing a mini autumn road trip, like we did last November.

  6. Amar posted at goodreads

    Soooo envious of your gorgeous leaves! We just moved from MA to California and are really missing Fall weather!

  7. And you know -- you can't take a photo of it. It just won't fit in the camera.

  8. Excellent Reader Valerie sends this appropriate poem to me, and I must post it.

    Kipling's Vermont
    By Ogden Nash

    The summer like a rajah dies
    And every widowed tree
    Kindles for Congregationalist eyes
    An alien suttee.