Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Booty Tuesday -- Yasmine Galenorn's Shaded Vision

Carrying home booty
This week is your chance to win a SIGNED copy of Yasmine Galenorn's Shaded Vision.
This is the second book by Galenorn I've given away, so I must have absentmindedly plucked up two at her table while she was looking the other way.  

Shaded Vision is one of her Otherworld novels which are just chock full of paranormal characters.  This one is about Delilah, one of three (somewhat) weird sisters.  She's the werecat of the trio.

I'm very fond of cats.
Anyhow, the usual suspects are out in all their otherworldly menace and all hell is breaking loose, as it is wont to do in Galenorn's novels.

From the book:

"When did Toby start working for you?" I was determined to needle him just a little about it.  After all, that was what friends did.  And Carter was our friend.

He glanced up at me, and a little smirk crossed his face.  "About two months ago.  He was working for a client of mine.  We . . . the attraction was immediate.  So he came to work for me.  The attraction won't last.  He's one of the djinn, and they don't make good long-term lovers.  But it will be fun for the duration.  And I needed the company.  And the help."

Can you trust a djinn?"  Camille frowned.   I knew that look.  It meant that she didn't trust Toby any more than she trusted a skunk in heat.

"No, but that is why he is not allowed access to private information, and why he doesn't have a key to my place.  Do not trouble yourself, young witch.  I will not compromise the integrity of my operations with a veil of sex haze.  But it has been a long time since I've found someone to my liking, and I plan to enjoy myself in the meantime.  And before you ask, I don't ask what equipment my lovers have, merely if they want to play."

Fun for the duration.  Djinn are like that, apparently.  Who knew?

To be eligible to win Shaded Vision, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post. 
Use one of the following words from the cover:

Yasmine courting, darkness,  shaded, vision, other, world, deliciously, dark, spectacular, hot, erotic, bewitch, mix, magic, passion, frost, sister, sexy, savvy, intelligence, agency, half, human, power, Fae, any time wrong, usually,wicked, witch, husband, vampire, werecat, death, maiden.

Your poem can be a 


  (traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet

blank verse

or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US only, sorry) from the comment trail on Friday.


  1. Shaded Vision comes
    Soon we'll visit Yasmine's world again
    Can't wait 'til release

  2. Yes! Both lovely and true. I saw her tweeting about this.

  3. Hmm... I'm not much of a writer, much less poet! Let's see...

    Yasmine the darkness is courting
    With this tale full of magic and passion
    The werecat Delilah transporting
    Readers to other worlds after a fashion


  4. That's a fun one *g*

  5. Evil witches and weird sisters may seem much the same to uninitiates
    their crock pots full of plucked eyes and black newt tongues
    Yet the weird sisters by their cock crow's milk organic from the co-op
    While evil witches plant Monsanto corn, and ride their plastic brooms
    with gps attachments across the sky
    their erotic rags all orlon and lycra,
    the weird sisters meanwhile, in mismatched faded black
    from the yard sale or Goodwill.

  6. Ooooh. Something about this one brings out great poems.

  7. I waited an extra day to make sure I hadn't missed any messages that were posted at GoodReads. There seems to be a version of the blog there that one may post to and the messages never show up here.

  8. The winner is Kettle Macauley. Kettle, please get in touch with me through the link at the top of the upper left column and send me a snail address. I'll send Galenorn's book to you with all due speed.

    (Unless I really do have feets of snow on the ground and get stuck up here for a bit.)

  9. Yay, Kettle! Happy reading! Jo, I do hope you'll not be buried in snow! Stay warm, dry, and safe :)

  10. I bought milk. This is traditional.
    I would buy milk and bread which is even more traditional but I make my own bread.

  11. Yay! I can't wait to read this book -- and I've never read anything by this author before. Thanks Jo!

  12. Click the link on top and send me a message with your snail mail addy. I will send it off to you as soon as the road clears and I can get down the mountain.