Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Booty Tuesday -- Lauren Willig's The Orchid Affair

Carrying home booty
This week is your chance to win a SIGNED copy of The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig. (Signed with her own authorial hand.)

Laura Grey's first assignment as a British spy is to gather information on Andre Jaouen, right-hand man to Napoleon's Chief of Police.

Did I ever mention how fond I am of Regency spies?   International intrigue and Regency clothes.  Paris. Hot Frenchmen.  Oh my. 

From the book:

"Now, Andre, watch how it's done."

Something in the way he said it made Laura suspect that he was talking about more than the rules of flirtation, but when she looked at Daubier, his rumpled face was guileless as a child's.

"I am all ears," said Jaouen.

Daubier made a tsk noise before turning his attention back to Laura.  With an elaborate flourish, he lowered his considerable bulk over Laura's hand.  She could hear his corset strings creak with the effort.

"My dearest lady," he huffed, from somewhere in the vicinity of Laura's knuckles.  "I am rendered speechless by your . . . "

"Tidiness?" suggested Laura, as he paused for a noun.

To be eligible to win The Orchid Affair, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post. 
Use one of the following words from the cover:

Lauren, orchid, affair, sparkling, continue, elevate, romance, pink, carnation, sheer, fun, sure, please, draw, reader, perilous, tale, intrigue, secret, deception, identity, hide, heart, pride, prejudice, live, history, plenty, full, veteran, governess, Laura, Grey, joins, school, spy, Andre.

Your poem can be a 


  (traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet

blank verse

or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US only, sorry) from the comment trail on Friday.


  1. Starting off what i hope will be several poems:

    Lift up a glass
    Drink to the lass
    She's going to pass
    For a governess, ho.

    In France, it's her plan
    To spy on a man
    And learn what she can
    As a governess, ho.

    But Andre you see
    Is not fooled long, not he.
    He knows she can't be
    Just a governess, ho.

    Push comes to shove
    And the great prize is love.
    Andre wins the hand of
    the governess, ho.

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    There once was a spy named Lauren
    Who thought her assignment was borin'
    But when she met Andre
    She was hoping that someday
    Their love would go a soarin'.

    Sue P

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Is he what he seems
    or another deception
    in a world of lies?

  4. Was it a pink
    Carnation or a daisy?
    Old flowers stink
    And I'm lazy.

    So I guess we'll never know.

  5. *g*

    Actually, that's a good poem. It scans and those are novel rhymes.

  6. And the winner of the Lauren Willig books is Sue Pete. I will send her an email to tell her.

  7. This is from Kate and posted via Goodreads:

    Okay, this ended up sounding like a personal ad, but here it is. LOL

    Lovely Governess
    in Napoleonic France
    seeks intrigue, finds love.