Sunday, August 05, 2012

The shoes of RWA12


Sometimes it's neat and traditional

Sometimes it's slinky
Sometimes it's floral  

Sometimes it's stripy            

 Sometimes it's practical                      ... sometimes not so much

Sometimes it's barefootin'

Sometimes we're not in Kansas any more.


  1. I know those sparkly sandal-thongs! I know those sneakers, I know those sensible Oxfords! What does this say about my focus at RWA National?!

  2. Oh *giggle*

    I imagine folks might now and then recognize their own shoes.

  3. Love this post! It shows a completely different (and very fun) side of RWA.

    Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  4. How fun, Jo! Belated congratulations on the well-deserved RITA, and I'm reading through your backlist right now. It is QUITE distracting from stuff I'm supposed to be doing instead! So, so delicious! Thank you!!

  5. Just like the real world!

  6. Very cute! Always thinkin' outside da box, eh?

  7. Jo, I know those 'parkly shoes, too! Having breakfast with you at RWA was a BIG highlight for me!

  8. If the shoe fits ...

    My great regret at National is not being able to spend time with folks I have no other way to see. When I leave, I feel like I'm being dragged away from a candy shop.