Monday, August 06, 2012

Booty Tuesday -- Jayne Ann Krentz' In Too Deep

Carrying home Booty
Back from the RWA National Conference.  With Booty!
I haz signed books.  All new.  All from writers I admire.
One of these books can be yours.

This week, win a signed copy of Jayne Ann Krentz' In Too Deep. 

To be eligible, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post.
Use one of the following words from the cover: 
new, york, time, bestselling, author, first, paperback, too, deep, arcane, society, novel, book, one, looking, glass, trilogy.

This is the booty
Your poem can be a 
(traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet
blank verse
or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US only, sorry) from the comment trail on Thursday night.


  1. An innocent lass from New York
    Dined the first time on sweet and sour pork
    With chop sticks alone.
    She gave a deep moan,
    "This is novel, but hey, what the fork?"

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    In summer,
    when the national conference gives away books,
    it's hot.

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    2. I've deleted it, though it is lovely.

      Please give it a try next Tuesday. We've got a New York Times Bestseller's work with shapeshifters, vampires, Dark Fae and a Summer Queen. It's from my own House, Berkley, July 2012. It has an owl on the cover.

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  5. A Reader’s Request

    Weave for me stories rich in history.
    Pen for me novels steeped in mystery.
    Write for me tales of magic and romance,
    Of heroes and villains, of danger’s mad dance.
    Sing me sweet stanzas of lover’s delights,
    Of days golden with joy, of sensuous nights.
    Invite me into fair fancy’s domain
    And whisper the secrets, deep and arcane.

  6. There once was a gal from the hills,
    Reading books was her cure for all ills.
    She doesn't want to grovel, but she'd really like this novel.
    Steamy romance does her more good than her pills.

  7. Someone cries in the silence
    Deep in the New York night
    Someone cries the somnolence
    Deep in a glass of fright
    Someone cries her plight
    And it's my heart

  8. Thank you. These are lovely.

  9. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Jayne Ann Krentz is a wonderful writer.
    Her plots just get tighter and tighter.
    Her heroes arcane,
    Are Jonesing by name,
    Each a lover, a scholar, a fighter.

  10. Jane O4:55 PM

    Thou arcane novel, steeped in secrets deep,
    Will yet thy author hold aloft the glass
    In which thy faithful readers may descry
    The answer, lost in timeless trilogy
    Of strange society, that still portends
    the end? And then New York will rise again,
    find time to set the book and paperback
    once more on lists bestselling, but the first?
    That too may come to pass. Keep looking.

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  12. This was so hard to judge, but after dithering about this for an hour -- The winner this week is Janga.

    Janga, please tap on the 'You can email Joanna Bourne here' line above and at the right. Send me a mailing address and the signed copy of JAK's 'In Too Deep' will wing its way to your native place.

    Next Tuesday -- a Paranormal with an owl on the cover.

  13. US only? Aww. Still, this is a great idea for a contest, Jo!

  14. It's not just that it's expensive to send books outside the US, it's that I have to lug it all the way down the mountain to the Post Office and park and stand in line and (whine, whine, whine ...)

  15. I can sympathise with that! Having a courier service in the building at work definitely makes my giveaways easier. I've used The Book Depository before, too. Anything to make life easier!

  16. Thanks for your pots this is really good.

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