Thursday, August 02, 2012

What did we wear to RWA?

This blog is really meant to be read next year.  It's to help out those folks who, the month before RWA13, will start asking -- "What do I wear?"

This is a serious question, because we writers are prey to many natural uncertainties and the addition of Wardrobe Insecurity drives us mad.

So ... this is what folks wore to RWA12 for walking around and for the ordinary sessions and workshops.  A good many of these pictures are PAN members so you know they are the experts when it comes to picking out suitable writer regalia.

In my informal survey of the walkaround choice, slacks lead.  They run about 80% at this conference.  But then -- it's California.    

If you're going to an agent pitch, you'll probably dress up a little bit more.   Maybe wear a jacket.  The big name authors expect to get photographed and pick something photogenic.  If you're giving a presentation or workshop, you'll look professional.

Many folks dress up for the Awards Ceremony.  There are some just lovely dresses there.
And HQN had a slumber party ...

But, as you see, most of the conference is Casual Friday informal.

Note in the pictures generally how folks are carrying a sizable bag.  This is for conference materials, notebook, water bottle, and maybe some of your own books or promotional stuff to give away.

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