Wednesday, March 07, 2012

DABWAHA rides again

Like, wow
I was idly dropping by to see who would be in DABWAHA this year.  And, oh wow, Black Hawk is in there.

Let me repeat that.  Black Hawk is in DABWAHA.


Now, you are probably muttering, "DABWHAT?"

Let me tell you about it. 

DABWAHA is a yearly contest put on by Dear Author and Smart Bitches where Romance and quasi-Romance books slug it out for world domination.
For information on the contest and how to play (vote) see here

Lookit   here   for the DABWAHA books. 
DABWAHA always has great books and if you haven't read all seven of the Historical Romances in contention, I am led to a 'Why Not?'

Anyhow, here's the list.
(Click on the author to go to author website.)

I'm going to add some others that are not Historical Romances, but they are particularly cool.

Now.  Here's a suggestion of how you can help promote works you admire.

In DABWAHA, you not only get to vote and participate and cheer your favorites on.   YOU  -- yes, you. (don't go looking over your shoulder) -- YOU get to nominate your favorites for the contest, one in each category.  Go  here   to add your favorite book that somehow got overlooked in the mad scramble.

I nominated:

Mercedes Lackey's Beauty and the Werewolf in SciFi  ISBN 0373803281
Grace Burrowes' The Virtuoso in Historical Romance  ISBN 1402245701
C.S. Harris' Where Shadows Dance in Crossover  ISBN 0451233956

because those are all three just excellent.


    1. Shucks, Jo. Lord Valentine sincerely appreciates the nod. His brothers are looking a little puzzled, but older brothers are like that.

    2. We will see if Virtuoso can slip into that 8th slot in the Historical Romance category. Be nice if it did.

    3. Congratulations on the nomination, Jo. How cool is that? :-)

      And I must second your selection of C.S. Harris' book. I adore her series, and am dying to get my hands on the next book, When Maidens Mourn, which, if I recall correctly, is officially on sale as of today. Yay!

      Think I'm off to do some nominating myself ...

    4. This is one of the things you can do that really helps your favorite author out. The DABWAHA gets a wide audience. You're helping readers out too because they discover these wonderful new books.

      Nominations are open all day today, March 8.

    5. When I saw your book make the list I could not have been more excited. It was so fantastic and I'm still mourning the fact that I finished it. Why cannot I take my time with the good ones instead of tearing my way through them?!

    6. Hi Stephanaie --

      Y'know (says jo) it's a great compliment when somebody says the pacing of the book just dragged them along, fast.


    7. Guess which book is winning my bracket??? Twitter supporting via the #dabwaha hashtag of HAWK is on!

      Pity CS Harris didn't make it the final round to the crossover category.

    8. I'm sorry not to see CS Harris, but we got some great crossover books. I will comfort myself with them.

      I go #DABWAHA. I . . . must . . . must tweet.

    9. Christine12:34 PM

      Congratulations on The Black Hawk making it through the first match up on DABWAHA!

    10. Thank you so much. It's one of those happy/unhappy victories. I'm a big Julie Ann Long fan and have been for years.

      When I find out the time of the next contest, I'll post it.

      I'm up against Courtney Milan. This is ... harsh.

    11. Congrats on making finalist, I just finished reviewing Black Hawk under my AnEyeSpy alias on GoodReads. Your Spymaster series has delightfully amusing persiflage AND explosive action. Keep up the wonderful work.
      ... Anne (fan)

    12. I am so glad you like the book. Thank you for telling me so. And that you for taking the trouble to write a good (I hope) review on GoodReads. That's going the extra mile and it is much appreciated.