Friday, March 16, 2012

Striking out at DABWAHA

Edited to Bring everything up to date --

I didn't make it through the second round of DABWAHA, which was kind of a disappointment. 

But I enjoyed playing.
 I continue to think of this as a kind of insidious video game.

There are still prizes for those who follow the contest and guess the next round of winners.

Go  here.


  1. Reading Black Hawk now. Every time I read a new book of yours, I swear it's my favorite. I think they're all my favorites.

    *happy sigh*

  2. That's the way I feel, writing them. *g*

  3. Do you have to sign up for a blog to vote?

  4. Not that I know of. I think you can just 'walk in and vote'. The system won't let you mistakenly vote twice, so it does somehow recognize you, but you don't have to sign in, log in, or register.

  5. Valerie G.5:18 PM

    I just voted and didn't have to sigh up for anything or commit my firstborn ... Based on my experience, I'd say, "fear not, delay not, but VOTE!"

  6. Well, this time, no registering for a blog, just voting, which I did. Fingers crossed for the excellent Black Hawk.

  7. Awww... didn't make the next round. Rats and all.

    I wonder if Fate is telling me to go work on the book?