Sunday, March 04, 2012

The AAR recognition and . . . rejoicing in Fictionville

Most excellent reader Valerie G writes to tell me she sees the celebration this way:

Congratulations on the AAR reader's poll recognition of The Black Hawk, Adrian and Justine!  Richly deserved!

In their universe, I imagine there's rejoicing all round.

There will be a celebration to honor Justine and Adrian at Doyle's place in the country, with presents for the happy couple.  Doyle, Grey, Sebastian and Pax chip in on a pair of matched knives, perfectly balanced for throwing, of course. (Later in the evening, Adrian tests them against the mantelpiece.). Ladislaus gives them a set of fake identity papers, because - well, you can never have too many sets of fake identity papers.

Annique, Jess, and Camille present a silver tea service that Maggie picked out. Severine thinks about baking something, but Maggie talks her out of it.  Carruthers sends a cactus.  Felicity scowls, so they know she's genuinely pleased.

The party goes on late into the night (or early into the morning, depending on how you look at it) with equal parts champagne and shared stories of the Game...


  1. Well deserved, Joanna! Loved The Black Hawk, loved the whole series.

  2. Thank ye kindly. I am so delighted when somebody likes the stories.

  3. Congratulations, Jo! I'd love to attend Adrian's party :-) Well, at least I can send my characters...

  4. Congratulations, Jo! So very deserved. And, man, I wish I could attend that party! :)

  5. Awesome. I think my favorite is "Ladislaus gives them a set of fake identity papers, because - well, you can never have too many sets of fake identity papers."

    And congratulations on sweeping the awards!

  6. Hi Deniz -- Definitely. Fictional characters welcome to the revels. *g* Come one. Come all.
    Well . . . maybe not cthulhu.

    Linda -- I wish I could, myself. I'd nurse a non-alcoholic drink in the corner and just watch ...

    Annie -- Everybody should have two or three identities to play around with. One identity at work. Another at home and round the hood. Another when we go on vacation.
    I think that's what fiction writers do. Live all these lives.

  7. No, not him/it... but Neil Gaiman's characters, maybe...

  8. Hi Deniz --

    I want all my favorite Romance heroines and heroes to attend ...

  9. Mmm, that'd be one steamy party. We'd have to vote for a King and Queen of the ball, and I'd hope Jamie and Claire would be there!

  10. Oh yes. There might be . . . Scottish dancing later on.

  11. Mmphm...
    I do wish I had a story set in Scotland. Or Wales. Why do I keep ending up in Mediterranean lands?

  12. You know what's odd? So far, I've - or my characters have - been to Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece and Turkey. But not France. And yet, in real life, France and Turkey are the only ones of those countries that I've been to!