Sunday, February 26, 2012

Giving a Workshop

I'll be giving a workshop on Point of View at a library near Richmond Virginia.

Here's the general information, at the library website.

And, more specifically, what's on offer --

Chesterfield County Public Library Writers' Workshop
Saturday, March 10, 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Meadowdale Branch Library
4301 Meadowdale Blvd., Richmond 23234

Registration $25.00 per person.
Registration Deadline Friday, March 2

The presenters:
Mollie Bryan:  The Mystery Writer’s Toolbox
Valley Haggard:  The Art of Creative Nonfiction
Valley Haggard:  Blasting through Writer’s Block
Joanna Bourne:  Point of View:  Dive into Your Character’s Head

Registration Includes a box lunch by Positive Vibe CafĂ©  
Please call Blanche DePonte at 804-717-6381 for more information. Registration forms will be available at all Chesterfield Public Libraries or can be downloaded and printed from their website


  1. Wish I could be there. You're a brilliant teacher, Jo.

  2. Any interest in recording this, Jo? You could upload an audio file onto your website. If the workshop people approve, of course. I would love to hear it! I would even make an online donation to the library.

  3. I must say that no one can accuse the Chesterfield County Public Library of overcharging their patrons. For the price of two movie tickets, you get 4 terrific presentations and a box lunch? They must be using Regency currency.

    I wish I could be there. :(

  4. I wish you could videotape this, Jo. I'd pay big bucks to see one of your workshops!

  5. Wish you were closer... like South Carolina!

  6. I'm sitting down tomorrow, I think, and going over the presentation in my mind. Maybe writing out some notes.

    I've never thought of recording any of this. *g* A little bit more hightech than is usual for me.

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  8. After attending the amazing panel discussion in Charlottesville last weekend, I am very sad that I didn't know about this workshop in Chesterfield before it happened. :(
    The good news is that my Chesterfield writers' group has resolved to be more aware of these opportunities in the future.

  9. Hi Chan --

    The library system there seems to be just topnotch. There were a couple presentations going on the same day I gave mine.