Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Plotting . . . plotting . . . plotting . . .

Sometimes, it's just one plot problem after another. You fix one, and another pops up.

Kinda like . . . this.


  1. A game like that would help get through the frustrating moments. Minus the kittens, of course. Just the whacking.

  2. Everything is squirming around in my head . . . like those kittens in the box. And then, something pops up.

    Figured out how to structure a scene. Finally.
    Real cool structure. Taking some of my own advice and really LOOKING at the purpose of the scene.

    But no time, no time.

  3. Ah, well, at least it is the surfeit of ideas rather than the lack there of. I, personally, for what my opinion is worth ;-), am torn between wanting you to take your time and write a book as beautiful as you possibly can and wanting you to finish Maggie's book (which I am sure is outstanding even in this draft) so I can read it.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Nothing to do with this thread but...

    I let a friend borrow Spymaster's Lady...missed having it around to pick up and peruse great lines now and again...and took it out of the library.

    So happy, because somehow I missed these lines...

    "Come then. We will find your water that obsesses you so. Most certainly we will stop loitering here in the roadway, chatting, for anyone and his cat to remark upon."

    The cat part is the best!

  5. My husband says I am obsessed with cats.

    He says they are everywhere in the text.

    I have not had the courage to go back and, y'know, look.

  6. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Well, I love them myself and have two dingbats who run our German Shepherds into the ground.

    If you ever have a chance read Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat. There's a priceless scene where Montmorency (the rat terrier) is challenged by a ragged eared cat on the street of an English village - hilarious

    Keep the cats coming.

  7. Hi Anon --

    I LOVE Three Men in a Boat.

    Did you ever read Connie Willis, To Say Nothing of the Dog?


  8. Anonymous4:27 PM

    No, I haven't read it. I will now.

    I'm so glad to meet someone who's read Three Men...

    My husband and I read the sequel, but the first is our favorite.

    The scene with the battered tin can which can't be open is another side-splitting scene.

  9. @ Anon.

    Robert Heinlein refs exactly that scene in Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.


  10. That video was so cute!!! Hang in there with the plot. It'll come together just as you think you're gonna lose your mind...

  11. Hi Trisha --

    You will know when I have lost my mind. I will write posts that look like:

    56ye9 @#$%^&T F BN54(IK*& 654@ #$%^_)(*&TGBY EE#$%^&*()(*&^ RFH U&^%$G*()P KJ

    That will mean I am finally crouched in a corner, whimpering and mad.

    Or else the cat has got to the computer.

    One or the other.