Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spymaster's Lady detail

Wonderful reader Eva writes to ask ..

haven't found anything to help me understand how Grey & Adrian were captured and put in that French prison with Annique. I feel like it was something with Adrian's injury but I'm not sure why I believe that. I think I just get so lost in the story I forget to look for those missing pieces of information. Is it written somewhere?

Ah. Here we have wandered out of Annique's story and into the edges of Adrian's story.

In the weeks before Spymaster's Lady opens, Adrian is on assignment as the key element of a large operation. It's an important op indeed, since Grey is in France, in person, directing, and ready to pull Adrian out if it all goes south.

Spying his merry way through the operation, Adrian has the misfortune to run into an old adversary. Old adversary, old friend, old lover, old rival ... anyhow, she knows him very well.
It's just bad luck she's there. Sometimes, on an operation, you run into bad luck.

Covers are blown. Carefully laid plans go awry. Plots unravel. Adrian gets shot when he's naked in bed with his old lover.
She shoots him. Talk about your wake-up calls.

Our lad is out the window, grabbing his clothes on the way.

Adrian's done this much . . . the op can be salvaged. Grey and Doyle step in to do that. But Adrian's on the streets, running.

When Grey goes to scoop him up, they're both captured.

This all happens outside the bounds of Spymaster's Lady, though. We catch only the merest whiff of it there.

ETA in July 2010:  When I actually sat down to write the JUSTINE story, I decided to do things somewhat differently.  So this is not what happened.
Just forget about all this part . . . okay?


  1. Ah, the backstory. I love it. I'd buy the short story. If you wrote it. Heck, I'd buy it if it were a novel too.

    Just sayin'. :-)

    And good luck with the RITA noms!

  2. Hi Sandy --

    I will write Adrian's story next, as soon as I emerge from the morass that is the Maggie manuscript ...
    Though it is important to remember that many behemoths never did emerge. Look at the La Brea tar pits.

    My favorite comment on that is the apocryphal tourist observation, "I'm surprised they had so many saber tooths so close to town."

    Where was I?

    Oh yes. I will write Adrian. I have no idea what I will write. Maybe the shooting incident will wander in there somewhere.
    Don't think so though.

    Adrian's lady is really something.

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    I guess that means you found Adrian's lady. YESSSS.

  4. Adrian . . . hmmmm.

    *wanders off in a daze*

  5. @ Anon --
    If I have my way, MAGGIE will contain an introduction to Adrian's lady.

    We will see if the editor buys my fiendish plan ...