Monday, June 01, 2009

Spanish Spymaster

Spanish . . . Spanish . . . I am in Spanish.

¿Usted habla español? ¿Usted sabe alguien que habla español?
This is your chance.

Cool cover, isn't it?
I really like 'Annique in red silk'.

Babelfish says this title means 'Disarmed by a Dance'.

They call Grey ... El jefe de los espías británicos. Isn't that wonderful? I will now think of Grey as El Jefe.

So far, this one wins the limited but fierce competition for 'Least Clothing Per Person on a Joanna Bourne Cover'.

I think Desarmado Por Un Bale goes for sale on June 15th.
I hope to someday hold this in my hands so I can figure out what all that stuff down along the bottom and in the lower right hand corner is. That circle stuff. Some city ...?

Now this cover is not just quite exactly how I think of Grey. It looks a bit like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.
But it is just beautifully composed, isn't it?

ETA -- In the comment trail it is pointed out that the cover figure appears on another book. There, it can be discerned that the mysterious circle is part of the dancing costume. Mystery solved. I am so pleased.


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  2. The circle is part of her dress :) Look at this bookcover (is that the same girl? Looks like it)

    Here's a larger version if you haven't seen already:

    And I love the title, Disarmed by a Dance *g*

  3. Ah. Part of her dancing costume. Now that makes sense.
    Thank you so much.

    I had been trying to imagine a great arched bridge in the center of London.

    It does appear they have thriftily reused a dancing girl, does it not?

    I am not able to access the larger version of the cover of DpuB.
    Perhaps someday.

    I like to put relatively large images on the site here -- one accesses the larger image by clicking on the picture -- because I can never see ittybitty stuff myself

  4. I think Grey looks like Keanu Reeves--definitely *not* as I pictured him while I was reading (and re-reading). Hmmmm . . . :)

  5. Hi Annie --

    Kenanu Reeves works for me. Yes.
    One can see him here:

    The cover fellow just looks a bit ... hmmm ... young.

    You can imagine him being brave and fearless and adventurous and so on, but not so much leading men in the army or giving orders to a bunch of hard-bitten spies.

  6. I'm sorry Jo, that was a mistake on my part. The correct link is


  7. Hi NBB --

    Thank you kindly. How wonderful.

    I will swap it with what I have here as soon as I have a minute free.

  8. I was thinking it looks like Keanu Reeves' cousin.

  9. @M -- But . . . does Grey look like Keanu Reeves' cousin?