Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fair Warning

Things will be quiet on the blog of the next six weeks.

The MAGGIE manuscript is due on August 1. I'm hunkered down at my desk, writing and proofing frantically. Later in August, when the trauma is past, I'll poke my head out again and do some useful and lengthy, (or at least lengthy,) posting.

Next big event is the RWA National, July 15 to 18. I'm nominated for two RITAs. Win lose or draw, this is going to be exciting.

I don't think you can actually tie in a RITA. There's probably a good reason for this.


  1. Good luck on Maggie. Cannot wait to read!
    I will be attending RWA. Can't wait to see you again :D

  2. Good luck! I'm excited for Maggie!!

  3. @Katiebabs

    Yes! Let me get back to you on that.

    and @Kat

    Oh my. Thank you so much.

    I would be more excited about Maggie if I were not up to my gizzard in it.

    It's like cooking curry. By the time you've done all the mixing and chopping and grinding and cooking of the beast, you just want to flounce off and eat a hamburger.

  4. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Yes, but we, your excited restaurant diners, are getting really hungry sniffing at the odors and anticipating the curry....

  5. No complaints from me. Just a big old thank you! Courage!

  6. It's hard to concentrate on the manuscript at this stage in the process.


    But the plot problems just seem to be smoothing each other out, somehow. It's working, looks like.

    We'll see what my betas say ...

  7. A friend just enlightened me last night...apparently RWA is in our nation's capitol this year! I will definitely be swinging by on Wednesday for the book signing!

  8. Hi Kat --

    Utterly cool.

    I will be signing My Lord and Spymaster', but I'll have bookplates for anyone who wants to take them for a copy of 'Spymaster's Lady' they might have.

    I should put a note up about the RWA Literacy signing on the blog, shouldn't I? There will be so many wonderful authors there.