Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recognition -- All About Romance

I have been greatly honored by All About Romance. Oh wow.

AAR has chosen Spymaster's Lady as winner of the 2008 Reviewer's Choice for Historical Romance.

Their kind comments here.

Oh wow. Oh wow. AAR. Wow.


  1. MORE than well-deserved!


  2. I genuflect in your general direction. The recognition you've received from diverse sources this week is awesome.

  3. (I meant to punctuate that last sentence with an exclamation point. You totally deserve an exclamation!)

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Your writing is wonderful, truly.

    Cathy (from Beau Monde)

  5. Congratulations, Jo, you fresh voice, you. Most well deserved!

  6. Congratulations, Jo. Well-deserved. I loved this book!

  7. Congratulations!!!

    Not nearly as prestigious, but I will be hosting my local moms' group Book Club for their first ever Romance selection in February, and since *I* got to pick the book we're doing...SML.

    Now I have even more evidence to support my decision. *w*

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Congratulations. To my mind the choice was clear...DLS

  9. Yippee! So very well deserved! I gave the book out to at least three people at Christmas and they all gave me a *look* when they saw the cover - then I saw them again the week after and they couldn't stop raving about how wonderful the book was and how they couldn't put it down! *big grin* Thanks Jo!
    (word verification: urabit. as in, urabit awesome!)

  10. Thank you all so very much. So much.

    Let me wander into deepest anecdote territory here ...

    Two years ago, or thereabouts, it looked like Spymaster's Lady was going to get turned down by every publisher in New York.

    Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch says I,
    with each rejection.

    I was about to set the ms aside and move on.

    I figured I'd write a few more books and sell them somehow or other
    and THEN I'd come back and sell Spymaster's Lady
    (which was called Anneka at that time, me not being a dab hand at titling.)

    So -- digging through this for some morsel of a moral -- it means you shouldn't get overmuch discouraged with rejections because somebody's going to take a chance on your work if you hang in there long enough, kinda stubborn like.

  11. Congrats! It is such a lovely book-I reread it over the holidays and it just gets better every time!

  12. Yes! Yes! And Yes! Congratulations!

  13. Congratulations. It is the year of the Spymaster. :-)

  14. Well deserved. And it gives me a good belly laugh authors are struck ineloquent. Haha.

  15. Hi M --

    I am inarticulate on the slightest possible provocation. My most frequent response to the world, in fact, is a rapid, bewildered blink.

    If I were to write a character like myself, she would spend a lot of time saying, 'Huh?'


  16. Hi Sherry --

    I am delighted to get this recognition from AAR. Oh yes.

    I will say though, your Publishers Weekly and Library Journal 'Bests of 2008' have rather swept the board.