Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An American Library Association recognition

I have some just unbelievable recognition here.

I have been named by the American Library Association's Reference and User Services as a Reading List winner.

The Reading List is one book chosen in each of eight genres (sci fi, thriller, mystery, woman's lit, horror, fantasy, romance, historical fiction,) as both good and of interest to the general adult reader.

I got the one for Romance.

The shortlist for Romance here. was

"The Spymaster's Lady" by Joanna Bourne;
"My Lord and Spymaster" by Joanna Bourne;
"Private Arrangements" by Sherry Thomas;
"The Seduction of the Crimson Rose" by Lauren Willig; and
"Your Scandalous Ways" by Loretta Chase,

which is a hell of a short list, isn't it?

Last year, Natural Born Charmer won.
SEP, of course.

Oh my bobalinks and bananas, what am I doing anywhere near that company?


  1. Awesome! And so well deserved.

    You've put it up for the RITA, haven't you? I hope?

  2. Hi Claire --

    I was going to be very, very quiet about entering the RITA.
    Stealth competing.

    That way, if I didn't final, nobody would ever know I'd entered.

  3. This is such fabulous news, Joanna!!!! Both books. Same short list. The stars are glowing just for you.

  4. LOL. Congratulations again.

    (I didn't even know I was in the shortlist.)

  5. Hi Sherry --

    I didn't even know there was an RUSA. What a useful and excellent organization they seem to be.

    I am sure this is the only time I will ever be on the same page as Neil Gaiman, so I am reveling in it.

  6. Brilliant and well-deserved!

  7. Thank you all so much. So much.

    The RUSA recognition is such a shocker and such a delight because it's from folks who read Waaay beyond the Romance genre. It's somebody saying -- 'This is not just a good Romance. It's a good book.'

    It's like winning 'Best in Class' instead of 'Best in Breed'.

    You can tell what I've been watching on TV. And the Westminster is next week!!

    This is research, btw,
    watching the dog shows. They keep a dog at Meeks Street and I have to figure out what kind he is.