Sunday, February 01, 2009

More plogging

This is me plotting

I've been plogging, (i.e. plotting + slogging,) my way onward in MAGGIE.

I do this thing I think of as 'post plotting', which is where I go writing along, saying to myself ... "This isn't working. This isn't working. This is crap " ...
which isn't the most efficient way to go about it, but heck, we all have our method and suddenly I'll go
==Head desk ==
and see how to do it and zip back and move things around and slip in some new material.

Which is what I did today.

I've been having this knock-down-drag-out fight with myself for a couple months now over which beginning to use -- the book roasting scene or the rabbit scene.
So this morning I thought,
"Why not use them both?"
which is either brilliant or comes from having the flu.

AND while I was working out how I could use both beginnings I finally saw the action+emotion scene I needed to slip in just before the H&H canoodle.

So, anyhow,
a good and useful day was had by all, unless this turns out to be a virus-induced delusion in my little pea brain
in which case I'll read what I've written tomorrow and it will make no sense whatsoever like those notes you write on a scratch pad when you wake up in the middle of the night and in the morning it turns out to be something about a dwarf and leg waxing.


  1. I have to say Jo...a book including dwarfs and leg waxing would be unique. I would read it just for the novelty. Imagine using that as an ice breaker...or even a pick up line!!! "So a dwarf walked into a bar..."

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I am rooting for the bunny to survive. No opinion on which shoudl open the book....But a book burning scene sounds pretty need.

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Some day I should proof my comments. I meant should and neat!

  4. Hey, I have a lot of those legwaxed dwarf notes. But when it comes down to it, they are still better than the brilliant ideas that come to me when I really can't write anything down, and I say to myself - 'Doesn't matter, self, this is so brilliant we won't have any problem remembering it.' Famous last words.

  5. Let me just say that, Jo, if your heroines are waxing legs, then, er, you're a few hundred years off and need to time-travel back. :)

  6. Hi M --

    I'm at one of those places where NOTHING looks workable and NOTHING makes sense in the plotline. I feel like Gulliver, pinned down abd held by a hundred tiny Lilliputian ropes.

    The good news is I'm 'hearing the voices,' which gives me all kinds of hope for getting this blasted ms written somehow.

    The bad news is I haven't quuuuiiiite figured out who the villain is.

    I have discovered one can write lots and lots of bad wordage without knowing major parts of the plot.

  7. Hi Kat --

    This ms will have old French fairy tales in it.

    I think.

    So maybe we'll be able to fit in a dwarf.

    Not sure about the leg waxing yet. Near as I can tell, French women -- unlike Arabic women of the times -- just went about hairy.

  8. Hi DLS --

    I'd like to put in a bit of a book burning.

    You know how folks have pictures in their head of What Symbolizes The Fall of Civilization ...? For me it's burning books.

    Burning books and, y'know, diesel buses that sit at the bus station, parked, and running their engines for hours ...

  9. Hi Keira --

    I continue to ponder historical grooming.

    I got sources that indicate Parisian women of my 1789 to 1815 era went to the public baths two or three times a week.

    They still have public baths in Paris, did you know? I mean, respectable ones, too. They're a service for folks who do not have good plumbing at home, which tells you a lot about the practicality of French socialism.

    Anyhow ... I would very much like like to find illustrations of Parisian public baths, but I do not necessarily expect to be successful.

    North African women in my time period removed all their body hair. Not by waxing, I think. Probably used a pair of twisting strings (ouch) and (ouch) plucking.

    At least a few Parisian prostitutes removed their pubic hair. We have paintings.

    But what they did in the public baths ...
    (jo makes note to self -- must do research on Parisian public baths of the Eighteenth Century.)

    I am wary of researching this kinda stuff. The googlepath is strewn with raunchy sites. Quite aside from the ick factor, these sites are loaded with spyware and viruses.

  10. YOU WON! Lynne said, shrieking with joy. Yay, yay, yay! Great job, Jo!

  11. I am so excited. I kept scrolling down and seeing your name. What a luscious treat.



  12. Hi Lynn and Julie --

    I am so excited.

    And this is a readers' poll so it might be a fair number of people went to AAR and voted for TSL. Maybe lots of people.

    This is so utterly cool.