Friday, June 13, 2008

Auction for a good cause

Edited to say -- The auction is finished ...

A twofer ... A signed copy of My Lord and Spymaster and a signed copy of The Spymaster's Lady
-- at auction, for a good cause, on Julia Quinn's Bulletin Board.

In a separate item, I'm also offering a critique of 50 manuscript pages of your WIP.

But wait .. that's not all.
Get this special offer only at the EJ/JQ Bulletin Board


ARCs from Eloisa James!!
Teresa Medeiros!!
Stephanie Laurens!!
Loretta Chase!!
Laura Lee Guhrke!!
Julia Quinn!!
Karen Hawkins!!
Elizabeth Hoyt!!
Gaelen Foley!!
A Sabrina Jeffries Manuscript -- signed!!

GO before I run out of !!s.

Such a deal!


  1. Joanna, yes the EJ/JQ board is having a great auction for a wonderful cause. There are so many wonderful things to bid on, I don't even know where to begin.

  2. The first link takes you to the Amazon page for My Lord and Spymaster, not the auction page.

  3. Hi Ros --

    Weirdness all over the place.

    What I'll do is disable the links ...