Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just wanted to add this

"Copy editors are the last set of eyes before yours. They are more powerful than proofreaders. They untangle twisted prose. They are surgeons, removing growths of error and irrelevance; they are minimalist chefs, straining fat. Their goal is to make sure that the day’s work ... becomes an object of lasting beauty and excellence once it hits the presses."

From The New York Times, Lawrence Downes


  1. Except when they go in and edit it to be in their voice. Arrrggghhh!! Stet, stet, stet.

  2. Hi Keira --

    The stet is your friend. (g) Ya gotta keep them stetting muscles well-toned and agile.

    Writing 'This is dialect! Stet!!' is good for you.