Thursday, June 12, 2008

srsly ...


  1. Hi Jo. It's been awhile since I've seen a photo, but I still think your mutt is a cutie pie.

    The cat is very pretty, too (she says, admiring from an allergy-safe distance). But that doggie--I could sit and cuddle and have a nice chat.

  2. That's Brittany-the-dog.

    They name them at the pound so it 'personalizes' the animal and makes it more4 attractive. The offsprig didn't really understand we could pick a new name if we wanted to ...

    Brittany is a real sweetie pie. She's so ... doglike in her devotion.
    Half collie obviously. We think the other half may be husky or something.

    I take a bushel of dog and cat hair out of the house every week. Are there cultures that make thread out of fuzzy dog hair and knit it into interesting sweaters and nose-warmers, I wonder?