Thursday, March 29, 2007

ANNEKA line edits done

The line edits were completed last Wednesday and sent to the editor. Nice overnight service from DHL. They've been accepted. Now the ms goes to the copy editor.

So SPYMASTER'S LADY is essentially done.

Publication date has been moved to January 02. I'm really sorry about the date change. I would have liked to have the book on the shelves just before Christmas.

Now I have to rewrite the opening of JESS.

I wonder if I'm going to end up giving Sebastian a new name. I really like Sebastian.


  1. So Jo, why ya changing Sebastian's name?


  2. I love 'Sebastian' as a name, but it's really too similiar to 'Adrian'.

    I will probably also change Kenyon. There are some other heroes in the field named 'Kenyon'. I think it was Jo Beverley or Mary Jo Putney.


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  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Congratulations on finishing the line edits. It's really fun to watch your progress through all this. Is it still hard to believe it's happening?

    Best of luck with JESS.


  5. I feel wonderful finishing ANNEKA -- now named SPYMASTER'S LADY, of course. When I think of other folks readering it ... so scary and exciting.

    I'm delighted all those line-edit changes seem to have solved the problems. I agonized over those changes.

    Now I have to rewrite Chapters One to Three of JESS so the opening works better.

    Hard. This is very hard. I'm kinda butting my head against a wall on this one.