Saturday, March 17, 2007

ANNEKA Line Edit -- Day Fifteen

I've finished the line edits.
Over the weekend, I'll review them.
With luck, I'll send them off to New York on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

Today, I am, (among other things,) doing taxes.

Doing taxes makes my stomach ache.
Worrying about whether the line edits of ANNEKA will solve the Big Plausibility Problem makes my stomach ache.
Worrying about the opening of JESS makes my stomach hurt.
I am one unhappy puppy.

Last night I did a 'compare versions' on ANNEKA.
My, my, what a lot of little red additions I have made.

The big question hangs in the air -- Did I solve my major problem?
Did I make the big transition in the middle of the story?
Did I solve the Big Plausibility Problem?

We will see what the editor says.

In other news ...
I must rework the very beginning of JESSAMYN to make the protagonists more accessible.

I have pulled my Jo Beverley down from the shelf to leaf through the openings. How does she put the reader in touch with the characters? She's very introspective. Very much 'in voice'. This is what I need.

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