Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anneka Line Edits -- Day Six

I should be calling this 'Spymaster's Lady' line edits, since that's the title. I think.

I'm on page 280 of the line edits.
Since this is the easiest part, I save it for when I'm too zonked to do anything else.
I get zonked doing these line edits. It's hard.

I have two major things I gotta do.

One -- I'm trying to plausible the central transitional plot device. I've backtracked and filled in some foreshadowing. Now I'm buckling down to the scene itself.
More work there.

Other -- I need to add backstory for my McGuffin.
I wander through the manuscript crying plaintively 'Where can I put in backstory?'
I can spend three hours fitting in 50 words.

In other news ... the Forum marathon starts tomorrow. I must gird my, like, y'know, loins


  1. Hi, Jo--How was the marathon?

    I plugged your name into Amazon and discovered that The Spymaster's Lady is already up for pre-order, with a release date of Dec. 4. Yay!

    Also, did you co-write a children's book, Grandma's Christmas Cookies, published 1997?

  2. Hi Beth --

    Yep. The Christmas Cookies is mine.

    I'm amazed that Amazon has it up so soon. So very efficient of them.

    I talked to the editor yesterday and mentioned that the Spymaster was up on Amazon and she was a bit surprised as well.
    It's a good slot, isn't..? That slot just before Christmas. I'm just delighted.

    A fairly quiet marathon. I don't have your touch with a marathon, I'm afraid.

  3. Shoot, all I did was start threads that said "Post progress here." It was probably just a hectic time for people.

    Did I ever tell you what an incredible job you've done with the Exercises section? You breathed new life into it. I hope it hasn't proven to be too much of a drain on your time and energy, because I'm also hoping you'll want to keep doing it for awhile. :)

  4. Why thank you. (smile)

    Yep. I should stay with the Exercises section a while. Though I panic a bit at the beginning of every month working up the exercise .... and I'm afraid I leave everybody on their own when I get busy.