Friday, December 15, 2006

Post office rant

Super agent did NOT receive the manuscript I sent her on December 2.

I drove all the way into town, found a parking space, waited in line, mailed it by handing it directly to the nice woman at the main post office. Used Priority Mail.

The ms never arrived.

[jo tears her hair out]

About six months ago the post office somehow lost five or six letters for me. These were picked up by the mail carrier who comes whipping around and takes them out of the post box at the end of the road when I put the little red flag up. I figger he must be the one who lost 'em, since it was a little handful that all disappeared together.
Nothing interesting ... just six payments of things like the water and electricty. Puzzling, but not serious.

The manuscript disappearing in transit from the Main Post Office is much more worrisome AND IT MAKES ME LOOK LIKE A FLAKE.


Anyway, printed up the manuscript again. Put it in a box. Addressed it carefully.
This time I took it to the UPS place.

In other news ... still vilely sick.


  1. Oh, Jo! I don't know which sounds worse, that you're still battling the cooties or that your manuscript went astray! (My sympathies, in both cases.) Have you been to a doctor?


  2. Doctors --- Hah!
    You start going to doctors and all kinds of horrible stuff happens to you.

    I'm pretty sure this is just the cold and flu everyone has been having. Nothing to worry about, no matter how miserable it makes me.

    Re the ms.
    I utterly hate it that the ms dropped into a pit somewhere.

    This has to be annoying for the agent, who had a timetable in mind that now can't be fulfilled.

    It makes me look so unreliable.

  3. LOL...well, perhaps I've had better luck than you with doctors. {g}

    I know I'd feel the same as you, but fwiw, I imagine your agent has had this happen before, and enough to know the post office is a lot less reliable than her clients.