Monday, December 18, 2006

Inserting a chapter

I'm repeating myself, but the polishing of Anneka was just about the most valuable exercise I could have done. It's given me insight by the bucketful in dealing with Jessamyn.

I'm worked my way through completed ms, making small but significant changes. Simplifying. Improving the narrative drive of the suspense plot. Some places I'm working these small changes through to final form. Some laces I've just left blue notes and I'll clean it up when I do the final substantive draft.

Today I began inserting a chapter of new material after Sebastian in Jess's Office and the Adrian-and-Sebastian-search-Jess'-room scene. That's where I insert the chapter about Jessamyn not being a virgin that I stole from Anneka -- who ended up being a virgin, poor chick, because her nasty spy bosses didn't like her boinking all and sundry.

Not sure what I'll do with the rest of this new chapter It'll come to me tonight maybe.

Superagent got the ms I mailed on Dec 2.


  1. Seventeen days? Priority, huh? That's pathetic. Unless...your agent's not in China, by any chance?

    Nah...probably would have gotten *there* in a week.

  2. New York.

    This is so peculiar.

    I wonder if it would have got there faster in ordinary first class postage?

  3. Yes it is very peculiar.

    I'd call the P.O. and at least, register my feelings about how long that delivery took and ask if they can explain it. Maybe first class would be faster and if so, they should be able to tell you. (If you can believe what they say!)