Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Still Dithering

Didn't get much work done today. That is to say, I didn't get any further in deciding what to do with Chapter Fifteen. Too much other stuff going on.

I'm running a Writers Exercise group in Books and Writers Forum. This month's exercise -- tagging with extended action -- is taking a long time to critique, comment and moderate. Lovely exercises though. Lots of good writers there.

The weather has smiled. Today we had sunshine all over the place, instead of the thunderstorms they keep predicting.
Unfortunately, this means I have to cut the grass. No more excuses.

The dog keeps digging away at one side of the yard. Maybe she's chasing a gopher. I wonder if gophers can be counted upon to eat all the grass in the lawn. The squirrels certainly made short work of my strawberries and tomatoes.

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