Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My cell

A couple weeks back, preparatory to going to the beach I finally pulled out the cell phone I bought back in January and turned it on and read the book on how to make it work.

That is to say, I read it again, for the fourth or fifth time. Much of it remains incomprehensible. I do not speak here of the Spanish version.

This time I just skipped all the stuff about putting in exciting ring tones and new backgrounds and retrieving messages from – well --- I never did figure out from where. And text messaging. Why the devil would someone want to text message?

I figured out how to (a) turn it on. (b) Call somebody. (c) Hang up. (d) Answer it if somebody called me.

I have the phone number written down someplace or other.

If anybody wants to do something more complicated than that they will have to call somebody else.

So far I've called my sister once and received three wrong numbers calling me.
Sometimes the phone in my purse lights up and beeps and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it. Change it? Give it a bottle?

Mostly it just sits there. I just know that if I need it it will turn out to be dead or expired or something.

Technology is wonderful.

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