Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Future ms

At the back of my mind, nagging away (is this only so I don't have to work on the Jess ms?) is a contemporary Romance. Paranormal. It will contain, I think, a small green demon named Abner who sits on the heroine's shoulder and talks.

He's named Abner right now. I hope there is not some famous small demon, in S.F. named Abner that I have unsconsciously filched.

Abner is a Baconist. That is, he believes the works of Shakespeare are written by Bacon.

Back in the Forum I am engaged in a tedious and iterative debate with a fellow who is quite sure Shakespeare must have been written by someone else. He's certain the writer of the plays and sonnets must be of noble birth and advanced education. And he's incapable of following a logical argument. This, of course, drives me mad. But he's very good practice for building a character who is illogical and iterative and drives the heroine mad.

So my small green demon will be convinced that Bacon not only wrote Shakespeare, but used a demon to fool people into thinking a man from Stratford was the author.

Just a small plot device thingum.
If one could only plot a novel around one of the minor characters.


  1. If you don't find enough here for a novel, it would make a wonderful short story! After reading the Shakespeare thread, I can picture Abner so clearly. Your poor heroine--having to listen to that sort of rhetoric constantly. *shudder*

  2. The nice thing about a small demon -- demons are so misunderstood y'know -- is you have all the plot benefits of a pet animal, but you get dialog too.

    who should be working on JESSAMYN but has the house full of relatives, including a three-year-old niece who kinda soaks up all the available time