Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fourteen down

Chapter Fourteen down. Yeah!!

Chapter Fifteen will be both harder and easier. I start this chapter with no preconceptions – no outline, no notes. That frees me up to spin out the scene, but it means I don't have any words to fill in spaces with.

I've been talking to myself all day ... in the car ... walking the dog. I've been working through what I want to accomplish in this scene; discussing where everybody's head is at when they go into the scene; looking at what each of these characters wants.

I'm going to put the scene in Sebastian's POV. A least, that's the way I'm blocking it out now. He has more interesting reactions than Jess. And I think I can show her reactions in dialog and description better than I can show his. She's a more open sort of person.

So ... I will run off and talk to architects all afternoon and feel inadequate because I know so little about planning and design. Tonight I'll try to dream about Chapter Fifteen.

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