Friday, March 03, 2006

Onward to the Rooftop Scene

Finished Chapters Twelve and Thirteen.

I'm not pleased with Thirteen, which is rambling and emotionally inconsistent and could be tightened up some.
Maybe I'll fix all that tomorrow.
Maybe I'll do that little thing.

The rooftop scene with the ferret is almost written in its entirety and is good. The rooftop scene with the ferret. Yeah!

In Thirteen I'm doing this technique thingum where I have the POV character continue a long internal monologue while somebody else walks around the room talking at length. I'll have to come back and look at this for a while to see if the technique works. I need some space away from it, before I can decide.

This is what I hate about the solitary business of writing. It's so hard to tell if something WORKS..

I can't remember whether I did this same thing anywhere in ANNEKA or not. If I did, is it a technique I should use again in the very next manuscript?

In other news ...

I'm almost done painting a bedroom upstairs. It was squashed bug green when we bought the house.

The people who owned the house before us liked the oddest colors. This is the smallest of the bedrooms so I said to meself ... let's paint it something bright and cheerful.

The yellow didn't work. For one thing, it never quite covered the green. Green lurked beneath it like a childhood trauma involving asparagus ...

you know how the medieval enamelists put blue as the underlayer for the white of flesh tones? ... (well, they did) ... it was kinda like that.
The green was gone but its malevolent aura remained.

This was a horrid, weak, trying-to-be-a-pastel yellow anyway. Not a robust daffodil yellow -- though that wouldn't have worked either.

This yellow looked like .... a biological specimen. An unhealthy specimen. The sort the doctor calls you back on.

So now I've made the room blue.

I'm not sure that's going to work either. This may be one of those rooms that cannot be painted any color in the sidereal universe and look right.

Like there are some scenes you can't write, no matter what you do, and you might as well just toss them out before you start and find some way to write around it and never have them go to Venice after all.
Except that you can't do that with a bedroom, can you?

I'm putting three bookcases into the bedroom to hold all the books. I would have finished that today too, except that the table saw stopped working.
Just stopped.
The warranty ran out on Tuesday. Do not tell me this is a coincidence.

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