Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hacking away at Chapter Fifteen

Wrote another couple thousand words. Threw them out. Took another long walk with the dog. Rethought relationships. Reconsidered what I'm doing with this part of the story. Considered throwing out Chapters 13 and 14 and doing the whole H&H confrontation business another way altogether.

Cleaned the kitchen. Decided to keep Chapters 13 and 14 for the time being.
Tried again, moving the scene from the Blue Salon to the front hall at Meeks Street, with slightly different cast. Generated eight or ten pages.

Threw that out.

Took another walk with the dog.

Later this morning I'll pare it down to two characters and put them in her bedroom. (Like, not getting up to anything yet. He's really mad at her.) Maybe that will work. Jeesh.


  1. I hope that when you say "threw it out," you mean metaphorically! Never throw anything out, because you never know what might be recycled later. When I'm stuck on a scene though, I do what you do -- get up and walk away from it for awhile. Usually that's when my best thoughts come to me.

  2. I save all these discarded bits in a folder marked 'Sections Removed'. I keep telling myself I'll come back and mine this stuff for useful stuff.

    I never do.

    I think, sometimes, of all the good words I'm throwing away. Be better to write more efficiently. Maybe someday I will.

    My problem with 15 echoes my problem with Chapter Twelve. They're both in Sebastian's POV.

    Basic problem -- I am not deeply enough into Sebastian's mind.

    So I'm going back and looking at Sebastian's actions and thoughts. I'm working on who he is, where he came from.

    When I know him better, the Chapter Fifteen problems should just disappear.