Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long, hard, wasted day

Today was pretty much a bust as far as writing goes.
I hate it when that happens.

I spent the day meticulously picking through five RFPs for a building project I'm working on.
I meant to drive around and look at some of the job sites these companies quote ... but never did find the time.

Did sit and drink coffee and respond to a dozen messages from folks online who are just bound and determined that the 'fair use' provisions of the US Copyright Laws don't apply to them. You see ... they waved this fairy wand and said they were exempt so ....

Waste of everybody's effort, and I don't have TIME for this.

I have a lunch meeting tomorrow so I'll haul the old laptop down to the coffeehouse and get a couple hours of work done in the morning. I really want to write my way out of that bloody breakfast parlor.
I will put myself to bed with the DEMAND my subconscious write that BREAKFAST TABLE scene for me.

The dog keeps looking at the new kitten and saying 'squeaky toy'. I am filled with dread.

V --- had the baby YEAH!! and they're both healthy. The vampires will just have to wait their turn. If her publisher gives her a hard time I will write them a STIFF leter of protest.
Oh frabjus day.
A baby woman, as Doonesbury said.

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