Thursday, January 26, 2006

critters and cheerios

Yesterday was lunch and plotting with two other romance types at the Cafe. I was strongly advised to stop picking and picking at the meeting over the breakfast table and get on with Chapter Ten of JESSAMYN.

'If your problem is incomplete visualization of your villain," says one friend, 'come back to this scene and write him when you know him better ... which you will do after you write more about her later in the story. MOVE ON. DO IT."

So I will give just one, bitty, tiny, miniscule, fast read to that breakfast-table scene and then skim onward, heading towards Chapter Ten, where I pick up forward progress on the ms. I'm not going to let myself get bogged down. I'm really not.

Harlequin is apparently going to launch a line of 'epic romances' with subplots and multigenerational stories.
Plus ca change.
I admire their marketing savvy.

and the cat knocked the box of cheerios over. The dog came and scarfed them off the floor. So good to see those two working together.

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