Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More on the writing life ... and dogs

I want to let Mandy-the-Dog free to run about the woodland a-chasing of the deer
(hums, “My heart’s in the Highlands. My heart isn’t here.” )
and otherwise amusing herself when I go down into the valley to the coffeeshop where there is air conditioning and, well, coffee.

But if I leave the door open so she can get in and out, Mandy hears me start the car and takes off, even if she has been given a big plate of chopped chicken breast and should be wholly immersed in that. Mandy comes bounding after me with admirable speed and follows me all the way down hill, about a quarter mile and a bit, to the mailbox.

Bound, bound, bound goes Mandy, chasing after me.

I stop at the mailbox and put my head on the steering wheel and am pretty sure Jane Austen never had this problem.

Mandy will not get into the car with me. She has been there and done that and knows I am going
to drive her back and lock her up in the house. No fool, Mandy.

So I turn around at the mailbox and drive back to the cabin.

Bound, bound, bound goes Mandy, but this time uphill.

I lure her inside with tiny bitty dog treats which I hide among the sofa cushions and under the edge of the rug. She will find them, or I will, eventually. Thus I demonstrate the triumph of human cunning that has kept us one jump ahead of the canine community all these years.

I close the door behind me and drive off in the direction of coffee.

I need hardly say that the cat takes no part in this drama, demonstrating the feline cunning that has kept cats one jump ahead of both the human and the canine community all these years.


  1. Christine3:21 PM

    I am a "cat person" and have exclusively had cats as pets (plus one giant lovable bunny) mostly because I feel I understand and relate to cats better. We both can be supercilious, fastidious, indolent, in need of alone time when we desire it and want our cuddles on our own terms.
    I'm both charmed by and in awe of dogs because of their absolute commitment to togetherness, loyalty and good humor. Your Mandy sounds like a bit of a rascal and a complete darling.

  2. I have had cats all my life. I've only dogged since I came back to the States. Mandy is my second dog. Not lesser nor less beloved than my first dog, but very different.

    Mandy is my little corporal, patrolling the perimeter, reporting on all incursions. No deer will steal our precious herbage on Mandy's watch. Single-handed she stands off the fearsome UPS man.