Friday, June 23, 2017

Getting Stuff Done and Not Done

Most of staying sane in the freelance writing world is doing what you can
get done, rejoicing in that, and jettisoning the rest with a minimum of regret.

So I'm sitting here in my comfy chair at 5 in the morning,

hair washed,
wearing soft, loose, comfortable clothes,
exercised up as of yesterday,
with a pair of lidded pots drying on the shelf at my potmaking class at the community college,
my herbs getting watered by a sporadic, sweet rain,
me watching the dawn,
with a working computer,
wild birds fed,
the dog and cat sleeping in their chosen perches,
all of us listening to French torch songs of the 20s,
and me formatting this Indie novella for publication.

I am fortunate beyond my deserts.
I don't get everything done, but I get the big things right.


  1. Indie novella?!! Does this mean it's going to release soon?

    That little girl belongs in a Renoir. How lovely to be living in a Renoir world....

  2. The novella is Gideon and the Den of Thieves. It appeared in an e-anthology, so it's possible you might have seen it already.

    I'm doing some editing on Gideon and formatting -- that's hard for me -- and I will get it up for sale as a standalone novella pretty soon.

    I send out to a notify list when a new work is available for sale. No spam. Just the notification. You can get on the list just by dropping a line to