Thursday, October 24, 2013


Dear Folks --

I tried doing without word verification for a while.  I hate those little boxes you have to fill in.  I hate making people jump through stoopid hoops before they can talk to me.

But when I turned word verification off, I started getting three to five spams a day. 
It takes time for me to deal with that crap, and I have no time.

So I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will be patient with me.



  1. On another topic of patience, do you have any idea when Rogue Spy might come out? Obviously you should take all the time you need for it to be right...just wondering how much time that might be.

  2. I am typing away on the edits of the final draft of Rogue Spy right now.

    I mean ... I will push the blue 'publish' button at the bottom of this little white box I'm typing in
    and go get a cuppa coffee in the kitchen,
    (stepping over the dog on the way,)
    and come back,
    (stepping over the dog again,)
    and set myself down,
    and start typing on Chapter Ten's edits.

    Chapter Ten, btw, is where we wander off from the main plot and see what the villain is up to. NOT one of the great moments in Literature, I'm afraid.

    Anyhow. What I'm saying is that I have dealt with all the IRL problems that beset me and am now working like a dog,
    (a conscientious dog, not my trusty hound who sleeps 23 out of the 24 hours a day,)
    and am getting close to finishing the manuscript.

    Amazon has the Kindle edition ready for preorder and informs us it will be available in November 2014. Presumably that is what the publisher has told them. Also, presumably, the publisher is not committing itself to a print edition -- if any -- until it has the manuscript in its collective hot little hands.
    (And who shall blame them?)

    So I guess we'll have to wait till I turn in the ms and the publisher decides when and if a print edition will hit the shelves. That might be November 2014.

    The writer is always the last to know ...

  3. There is a program you can use instead called akismet. It catches the SPAM.

  4. I will have to see if Blogger offers this as an option.

    I am so technically challenged. It's embarrassing.