Thursday, October 24, 2013

About the Rogue Spy publication date ...

In the comment trail, I'm asked, "When does Rogue Spy come out?"

This is what I said:

"I am typing away on the edits of the final draft of Rogue Spy right now.

I mean ... I will push the blue 'publish' button at the bottom of this little white box I'm typing in
and go get a cuppa coffee in the kitchen,
(stepping over the dog on the way,)
and come back,
(stepping over the dog again,)
and set myself down,
and start typing on Chapter Ten's edits.

Chapter Ten, btw, is where we wander off from the main plot and see what the villain is up to. NOT one of the great moments in Literature, I'm afraid.

Anyhow. What I'm saying is that I have dealt with all the IRL problems that beset me and am now working like a dog,
(a conscientious dog, not my trusty hound who sleeps 23 out of the 24 hours a day,)
and am getting close to finishing the manuscript.

Amazon has the Kindle edition ready for preorder and informs us it will be available in November 2014. Presumably that is what the publisher has told them. Also, presumably, the publisher is not committing itself to a print edition -- if any -- until it has the manuscript in its collective hot little hands.
(And who shall blame them?)

So I guess we'll have to wait till I turn in the ms and the publisher decides when and if a print edition will hit the shelves. That might be November 2014."

The writer is always the last to know ...


  1. E. Ayers sent me to your blog. I love it Jo. I can't figure out how to subscribe though.

    1. Over on the right hand side of the page there's a long column with lots of stuff in it.

      Under my picture there's a bio. Then there's links to my website and suchlike.

      Under that it says 'Subscribe to Joanna Bourne's blog and I think it lets you subscribe to posts and comments.

      This is something I cannot actually do to myself, so I don't know how i works exactly ...

  2. Christine2:05 PM

    I for one am extremely excited for Pax's book. I know a bunch of us online got pretty excited a couple of months ago when Amazon lied to us and said it was to be published November 2013. I was skeptical because you had posted nothing about its being ready, so I didn't get my hopes too high (just a little bit high- she raises her hand about waist high). I have to say Pax has a very nice and dignified cover! None of that vulgar chest baring poor Grey was subjected to the first time around on "Spymaster's Lady" lol. Pax is properly vested and "cravated" (not a real word, I know) up.

    1. I was surprised myself when I saw it was supposed to coming out in 2013 ... me not having finished it.
      I mentioned this to the publisher and they fixed it.

      I do apologize for taking so long with this book.

  3. Thanks for this post, Jo. I hadn´t seen the that Pax story has a title. I really like that one :)
    And thanks for letting us know about your progress, I´m happy with whenever I will get a chance to read more of your stories :)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words ...


  4. I'm being patient, because your books are worth waiting for. But I'm slightly appalled that your publisher doesn't have you under a long term multi book contract--or maybe they do, but so many people only buy Ebooks that NO book is worth putting out in paper? (Here, I confess, I am somewhat to blame. Most books I only buy in E. Yours, on the other hand...I need in hand. In paper. )

    1. This delay in the book is all MY fault. Not one bit of it is the publisher's fault. They have been angelic.

      Now, as I say above, I don't know whether the book ill come out in both paper and e-book or not.

      I am a print book reader, myself. I have a kindle and it's fairly well stocked, but I use it only when I'm travelling.
      I think this is because I spend all day, every day, looking at words on a screen. When I relax and read, I want to look at paper.

      And there is this ...
      My recreational reading is done in bed or (can I admit this) in the bathtub. At least the latter of these is not so good for an e-book reader.

  5. I can't wait to read ROGUE SPY and I'll do it on my Kindle or with the preferred book in my hands. (I'm old fashioned that way). But I sympathize, writers are always the last to know. Well at least there are trust-worthy hounds. :)

  6. It's like this cosmic separation of duties. I write. The publisher is powerful and mysterious. The dog is loyal.

  7. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    I cannot wait for this.

    Ohhhh. I am waiting for this. :)

  8. I very much hope it'll be worth the wait.
    (jo looks at the draft she's working on ...)

  9. My dearest Jo - No one, I repeat - no one - writes historical romance the way you do. Take your time. I am your biggest fan, "the freeloader."

    1. Oh. (jo blushes) Thank you.

      I spend too much time getting the manuscripts out. I know. I know.

  10. I don't care how much time you take to write; your historical romances are worth any wait. So . . . I'm waiting and looking forward to Rogue Spy.

  11. You are very kind. I just wish I was doing a faster better job of writing this manuscript ...