Saturday, January 12, 2013

Those Lively Regency Streets

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Regency streets would have been fairly active and interesting places, what with knife grinders, pot  menders and chimney sweeps, milkmaids and streets sellers hawking everything from cherries to hot codlins -- not to mention the miscellany of enterprising pickpockets and cut purses and those generally operating on the windy side of the law.

Exciting, those Regency streets.

Hot-Codlins-q100-432x701'Hot Codlins' are roasted apples, in case you didn't know and were wondering.

There was a little woman, as I've been told,

Who was not very young, nor yet very old;

Now this little woman her living got

By selling codlins, hot, hot, hot!

But I digress.

Along with all those buyers and sellers, intent upon the mystery of commerce, there were artists out there hustling a living.

You had your street musicians.  Most often, they'd be playing something portable, like a violin or a hurdy gurdy.  I do not feel impelled to discuss what a violin is, but hurdy gurdy's are kinda interesting.   

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Still to come ... Hurdy gurdys, Raree shows and Punch and Judy.

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