Sunday, December 30, 2012

Caroling, Caroling in the Regency

This little screed on Christmas music comes about because I don't listen to Nastycatcommercial radio.  That is because such channels are full of people trying to sell me used cars or banking services or beer and after a while I want to go over and beat my radio to death with a stick.

But durn it, at Christmas I want to listen to Christmas music, so I ventured out into the musical world beyond PBS.  And it was painful.  After I had not beaten my radio to flinders for several days, ('Flinders' is a fine old word, popular in the Regency, and it means splinters or fragments.  It's of Dutch or Scandinavian origin and always plural.) I decided to compile a playlist and the heck with the radio.

But all that got me thinking about Christmas carols.

Gittern_dancing_late-medieval-early1400s_detaGo here to read the rest at Word Wenches, though there are no more pictures of cats, alas.

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