Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Booty Tuesday -- Darynda Jones' First Grave on the Right

Carrying home Booty
As you know, I returned from the RWA National Conference in August with Booty!
I haz signed books.  
I haz New Books, from writers I admire.  
Did I mention they are signed?

One of these books can be yours.
This week is your chance to win First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones.

 I've been watching members of the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood go from strength to strength these last couple years.  At the RWA National Conference Darynda had Two RITA Finals and WON the RITA for Best First Book.  Read about it here.

So I am offering you the RITA-winning book,
and I collected that siggie before she won the RITA which shows some prescience on my part, does it not?

This copy has not even been opened because I read the book long before the conference.
Library Journal says, "Plenty of action.  And let's be honest -- the sex is pretty hot too."
From the back cover:
This whole grim reaper thing should
have come with a manual.
Or a diagram of some kind.
A flowchart would have been nice. 
 ... which is really good enough to qualify as a poem but, alas, didn't get entered.  

Here's a little excerpt:

The sun nested on Nine Mile Hill for several heartbeats before losing interest and slipping down the other side.  I sat in Misery the jeep, not the emotion and waited for the skyline to swallow it completely so I could get on with my breaking-and-entering gig.

I love language like this.  You will too, I believe.
To be eligible to win this wonderful book, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post. 
Use one of the following words from the cover:

First, grave, right, novel, Jones, debut, read, year, hilarious, heartfelt, sexy, surprise, beg, next, one, ward, lover, unleash, grim, reaper, tension, hot, high, octane, signpost, paranormal, suspense, high, order.

Your poem can be a 
(traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet
blank verse
or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US only, sorry) from the comment trail on Friday.


  1. A little haiku:

    Grave matters are set right
    In a light-hearted way

  2. Leslie9:21 PM

    Darynda's skill does delight and amaze us
    With a debut that can't help but impress.
    Charley's grim reaping
    Ensures we're not sleeping
    Instead leaves us Jonesing for Reyes!

  3. A haiku for you,

    Laugh out loud funny
    A Reaper and Reyes meet
    Don't miss the hotness

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  5. Hi!



  6. There once was a reaper named Charley
    who was sexy, hilarious and gnarly.

    Reyes lit her fire and drew her ire,
    till she was both lusty and snarly.


  7. There once was a girl named Charley
    Whose name made you think of a harley.
    She shown like a beacon from afar
    So the dead sought her like she was a star.
    For since she was born a grim reaper
    She told the dead you're just not a keeper
    Cross thru me to the other side,
    It's been fun but here's your ride.
    Now, Reyes is another matter
    All hot sex and slick but he sure can make here mad as a hatter.

  8. I'm sorry I don't have a poem, but I just want to say you all have done great jobs! I've loved reading them! :) I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner, because it would be a very difficult task.

  9. It's the first grave down on the right,
    the poor devil there, she died out of spite.
    Darinda gave readers what they so need
    In her well received debut good read.
    That poor devil couldn't deliver what readers crave
    so she laid right down upon her own grave.

  10. These are all so cool. So very fine.

    Madeline Iva wins this one. Madeline, get in touch with me and I will send the First Grave on the left winging your way.

    Next week, a trade paperback. (That means a big book, but soft-cover.)

    One of the reviews on the back says, "Sometimes an author catches lightning in a bottle." Isn't that a lovely review?

  11. I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place but here it goes.


    When Katrina left the world turned gray
    Flowers lost their color
    Birds lost their song
    Friends lost their way

  12. This is lovely. Next Tuesday, when I post the book I will pick this up and carry it over to the comment section there.

    Lovely cool poem, and how fantastic you figured out next week's Booty Tuesday from that single clue.