Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Booty Tuesday -- Carolyn Jewel's Not Wicked Enough

Which blog title sounds as if Carolyn Jewel should be somewhat more wicked but that's just the name of the book.

Carrying home Booty
As you know, I returned from the RWA National Conference in August with Booty!
I haz signed books.  
I haz New Books, from writers I admire.  Did I mention they are signed?

One of these books can be yours.
This week is your chance -- at last -- to win Not Wicked Enough by the redoubtable Carolyn Jewel.
(For those of you wondering why one should doubt Carolyn even once, let alone twice, I will just mention the word redoubtable comes via Middle English from Middle French Redoubter meaning 'to fear' and is now defined as commanding or evoking respect, reverence, or the like.  Fear, too, I suppose under appropriate circumstances.)

ETA:  Carolyn just got in touch with me to say she'll make this a TWOFER.  Win Not Wicked Enough and Carolyn will throw in Not Proper Enough, which came out -- are you ready for this? -- TODAY!  /ETA

The cover of Not Wicked Enough has the most lovely dress on it and mostly on the model, who seems okay with that.

Publisher's Weekly says, "Readers will enjoy this diverting Regency romance, set refreshingly far from London high society, as they wait to find out what finally drives the lovers to the altar."
Isn't this a pretty cover?

Bit of a quote:

Would she? 

Lily could scarcely think, so drugged was she from his kisses and the wicked promise of his voice.  Lord, what wouldn't she do for him? His request was outrageous.  Brazen.  If she were a proper sort of woman, she'd swoon with outrage.   If she were a proper sort of woman, she wouldn't be here with him.  Alone.

She couldn't imagine telling him no, even though she ought to.

If you don't want to read the rest of that chapter, you're probably lacking some essential B vitamin or something.

Here's your chance to win your SIGNED copy of Not Wicked Enough and find out what happens next. 
To be eligible, write and post a poem in the comment thread of this post. 
Use one of the following words from the cover:

Carolyn, jewel, wicked, enough, reform, scoundrel, romance, brilliant, poignant, plain, fun, loved. intense, sexy, emotionally, satisfying, temptation, lily, duke, gypsy, medallion, magic.

Your poem can be a 
(traditional or non-traditional)
Rhymed couplet
blank verse
or any other rhyme or poetry form you fancy.  I am not particular.

I'll pick one lucky commenter (US only, sorry) from the comment trail on Friday.


  1. For books this intense,
    A twofer makes sense.
    Please don't be cruel,
    I need these two from Carolyn Jewel.

  2. Carolyn, Oh Carolyn you are a wicked jewel
    You took my love and made me look a fool
    My revenge is sweet and will not die
    Because the scoundrel in me does not lie

  3. carolyn jewel
    unread books given freely
    emotional bliss

  4. Grace Burrowes8:18 AM

    You gave us a look
    Truly I must have both books
    Happy enough, I'll be

  5. There once was a plain girl from the West
    Who eschewed book buying at her husband’s behest.
    “You’ve too many,” he said.
    “And all the covers are red!”
    But with temptation like this, he’ll just have to protest.

  6. I have gone so many places over the years and never left my home...reading takes me away!

    Reading SEEMS lazy...

    Just think of what you can do

    In pages of books!

  7. There once was a gypsy named Jewel,
    Who laughed when they said she was cruel.
    She made a sensation
    By painting temptation
    From a scoundrel, but not from a fool.

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  9. Red gypsy lily,
    Intense sexy wicked duke,
    Romance poignant fun.

  10. These are so good ...

  11. StacieH411:45 AM

    A scoundrel I shall read about tonight
    As, alas, I've no such man within my sight.

    Through words alone he crawls to warm my bed
    And keeps my lamp aglow 'til the final page is read.

  12. Anonymous6:46 PM

    She's maybe not proper enough.
    He's handsome and witty and tough.
    They end up in bed,
    When all's done and said,
    And get up to some interesting stuff

  13. And the winner is Stacie H4 --

    Stacie, could you send me your snail address by clicking on the button at the top of the righthand column. I'll get the book off to you next time I get down the mountain to the post office.

    Next week, a book from a member of the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood (Great blog, btw)


    1. StacieH45:42 PM

      Yay! How lucky am I? Thank you so much, Joanna and Carolyn. I am excited to read Not Wicked Enough and Not Proper Enough! I will email my address asap. This really made my weekend. Thanks again!

  14. Brilliant temptation is a most poignant thing
    It can reform a wicked scoundrel
    Or make the magic jewel plain

  15. Oh. Oh. Too late. Too late.

    But this next Booty Tuesday ... which is next Tuesday ... will be awesome.

    Here's my haiku for next week:

    Grave matters are set right
    In a light-hearted way

  16. Diana Gabaldon sent me to your books- I am too late for the contest but here goes....
    When writing about romantic motivations,
    See Carolyn's magical gypsy temptations;
    Reminding those languishing at home
    Waiting, waiting for the next tome,
    That only scoundrels and dukes won fair maidens.

  17. This is lovely.
    (Look. Look. It rhymes!)

    Please ... This next week's Booty Tuesday IS in place. Come try for Darynda Jones' First Grave on the Right. Lovely language in this Jones book.

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  19. Regan posted a comment over at Goodreads.
    It doesn't come through on its own, so I will add it here.

    Here's my ridiculous offering:

    He called her wicked
    Though she knew she was not wicked enough
    He called her winsome
    Though she suspected he was the winsome one
    In truth, 'twas that which drew her
    Into his arms
    For he was the wicked one
    He had all the charms