Saturday, June 30, 2012

Huffed and puffed and blew ...

So last night we had a storm.  Everybody seems to have had a storm out here on the East Coast.

Our storm was without rain, did have a side dish of lightning and thunder, but was mostly wind.  Like 60-mile-an-hour wind.

You may picture me looking out the window. "Man, that's a lotta wind."
More wind.  Then,
I go, "What? What?"
So we went out to look.
A tree came down on the roof. Got the back porch. Got the 4-wheeler.
Surprisingly loud noise when it does all that.


  1. Diane P. Diamond2:51 PM

    Oh crikey, your poor vehicle. Just thank God that nobody was inside it, and that you're all okay.

  2. Oh, no! We had the same storm. Sounded like we were about to be blown away. A huge limb from the walnut tree didn't survive. And it had the good grace to fall in the proper direction. Missed the little car and the side of the garage.

  3. Carol6:00 PM

    Wow. so glad your house and you and people were spared. a porch can be replaced... We had no storm up in Western NY. hot beautiful weather and a great jazz festival! Glad you are all right.

  4. Hi Diana --

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I've never been afraid of windstorms -- I'm still not -- but that wind last night made me understand why some people are.

    Glad I didn't have to face that in a trailer.

    1. Sorry. Diane. Didn't mean to misspell. Apologize.

  5. Hi Claudia --

    You have well-trained trees. Mine ... rogues, all.

  6. Hi Carol --

    I am now envious of New York State.

    But then, you get those paralyzing snowstorms. So maybe ...

    But then, we've been having 100 degree weather (40 C) ...

    Y'know, there is just noplace perfect.

  7. Having been in similar situations with hurricanes, all I can offer is I'm glad it was your car and not your house. Having had trees come down on cars _and_ roofs I'll take the automobile damage any day!

    Hope your weather improves!

  8. I cannot complain to a Florida gal about winds.

    This was very surprising because it wasn't part of a large storm. It was like 15 minutes of wind just popping out of a calm.


  9. Glad the house and everyone inside missed the falling tree! Living in the South I have been through my fair share of tornadoes, wind storms and wind sheers. Falling trees are nothing to play with, believe me I know! Those sudden storms that come out of nowhere can be the scariest!

  10. Either we're really lucky or... I just don't understand where this storm went to: we left Myrtle Beach yesterday, driving straight up the 95, and all we heard all day was storm talk. Lots of folks without power, lots of traffic signals on the blink and traffic everywhere (though that must be a Fourth of July weekend thing?). They were forecasting cold and wet for Myrtle Beach when we left - so where did the storm go? Guess it blew out to sea and is looping back toward South Carolina?

  11. And oh yes, glad to hear you're okay :-)

  12. Glad you're all right. Cars and porches can be replaced, annoying though it may be.

  13. All that wind and no rain? Ouch. Because I've always lived in tornado prone states, wind makes me very nervous. I'll hide in the basement but I expect rain to accompany it! (and this is the reason we laughed when the realtor told us we didn't need a garage.)

  14. If I had known the Powers In The Sky were going to drop trees on me, I'd uv hid in the basement. But, y'know, one doesn't expect tornadoes in the Virginia mountains....

  15. glad you're ok, hopefully the porch is fixable w/o too much hassle. saw the freaky colored lightening & saw how crazy the winds were going so closed up my porch real quick before heading to the basement just in case. alas, lost power here till this afternoon but no damage other than a few minor tree limbs down. did miss having my electronics & was getting tired of the heat.

  16. We're in the mid nineties here. As of this afternoon there were still thousands without power. They've set up places for folks to come in and get cool.

  17. That's a shock! I'm glad you're ok.

    My DH was in a tennis tournament and it got interrupted due to a thunderstorm. He watched the rain for a few minutes and then zing! Lightning struck and a tree fell on a car. Lightning is scary...

  18. Hi Carole --

    The Scands were so impressed by lightning they had a whole separate God to handle the matter. And without Thor we wouldn't have Chris Hemsworth in a beard and the world would be a poorer place.

    I sorta almost got struck by lightning once. I was on the porch of an A-frame, checking it out before I rented it. Lightning hit and took off a ten-foot wide strip of roof shingles a dozen feet away.
    It felt ... significant.
    Luckily I was wearing rubber-soled shoes.

    I told the nice lady at the rental office there was rain coming into the A-frame now but it didn't seem to be on fire.
    And that I had decided not to rent it.

    Let it never be said I can't take a hint.

  19. Valerie Gracechild says:

    Tried to post this as a comment to your blog, BUT my iPad steadfastly refused to do so ( just the latest battle in my ongoing war with semi-animate objects). (if the iP relents, you may get this twice...)

    So much destruction - like being in the path of the Wild Hunt ( haven't seen any reports of coal black hellhounds with glowing blood red eyes careening through the sky, but in the excitement of the moment, it was probably easy to miss them!)

    So sorry it was as bad as it was, but glad it wasn't any worse then it was!

    Hope the digging out and cleaning up is going as smoothly as possible - things fall apart so suddenly and go back together so slowly.

  20. Hi Valerie --

    The Wild Hunt is a good metaphor. Wow, that was a night. I really understand why folks who live with no shield to the weather thought there were angry gods out there.

    The clean up is just about done, except there are dead branches all over the yard ... Too hot for me to want to be out there doing yardwork.