Friday, November 04, 2011

Little blurb for Black Hawk

Black Hawk

Joanna here, talking about my new book, Black Hawk.

This is Adrian's story.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm relieved the boy finally has his happy ending.
We've met Hawker as a secondary character in the other books.  He's Hawker, or Adrian Hawker, or sometimes Sir Adrian Hawkhurst, depending who he's pretending to be and who he wants to impress.  He is deadly and sarcastic and maybe a bit too fond of sticking knives into people.  Naturally he has the making of a Romance hero.   
Two of the most dangerous spies of the Napoleonic War — on opposite sides, natch — fall in love.  Think Montague and Capulet.  Think Yankees and Red Sox.  Think Hannibal and Scipio Africanus.  Think about the owl and the hawk, two birds that  might share the sky for a while, but can't live together.

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  1. Katie3:33 AM

    Just read Black Hawk and loved it loved it loved it. I'm so glad they found each other again, in a time when they didn't have to compromise their own beliefs.

    Looking forward to Pax's story now. Can't wait.

    Publisher must have had a bit of a 'Doh' moment though with the Eiffel tower...

  2. Anonymous4:11 AM


    I too just finished reading The Black Hawk and loved it! I wish I had your skill with words to tell you how much, and why. It is completely up to the extremely high standard set by your previous books. I'll just quote from my own notes written moments after I finished it (inadequate though they are):

    "Just wonderful. Pure gold. Lived up to my anticipation. Every word carefully weighed and placed. Beautifully complex plotting, wonderful love story. So intricate and delightful. Web upon web."

    And well done, too, on all your hard work around the Internet promoting it! I'm sure that must be difficult, but you did it well.

    Now, on to Pax...

  3. I didn't see the step back image till the covers were already printed. *sigh*

    I brought this to the attention of the editor because I needed a shoulder to cry on.

    ME: It's got the Eiffel Tower on it.
    Editor: Jeez.

  4. Just finished The Black Hawk and I wanted to thank you for another amazing story!

    I can't wait for Pax's story; I love that all of your secondary characters always have just as much interest and purpose as the primary ones. In all your books, I've had such a crush on Hawker. I've been wondering what it would feel like once his story had been told. Now I find I'm half in love with Pax. You are as brilliant and sly as all of your wonderful spies, Jo. :)

  5. The Black Hawk showed up on my iPad when I was in Paris, so I was able to read it at night and during the day to think about it while walking around where Hawker and Owl walked. I'm home now and rereading it, to savor it.

    As a long-time Adrian fan, I was so happy with how things turn out for him. It was well worth the wait. Brilliant and 5-star don't really convey how much I love the book.

    Congratulations, Jo, and thank you!

  6. 'sly'

    heh heh. I don't say I purposefully added that bit of Pax's story to Black Hawk to lure folks toward the Pax book. I needed that action for Black Hawk.

    But my mind was moving along to Pax at that point. Yes.

  7. Hi Martha --

    I hope you had a great time in Paris. I'll be heading there in a few weeks.

    The heck of it is I don't think the Pax story will take place in Paris. Maybe not even if France at all. I'll have to push my mind to the book after Pax and plan that far ahead to make the Paris trip useful.

  8. Thanks, Jo, I had a wonderful time, and got a lot of work done, too. The family friends I visited in Buzancais were lovely, and since only the husband speaks any English at all, I was thrilled that we had such an easy time communicating. He knows how to speak French slowly enough for my brain to process it. I think that's a true gift. Saw my old house and the convent school my sister and I attended.

    I am enjoying the re-read of The Black Hawk even more than the first read-through. Your writing, as the blurbs correctly say, is magnificent. I learn so much, once I have read for pure pleasure. Brava!

  9. Hi Martha --

    I am, of course, delighted that you like the book. You have what they would call 'a knowledgeable eye'.

    What a wonderful time in France. So cool. Your French must be very fluent. I envy you immensely.

    Sorry we couldn't meet in Paris. (Rats.)
    Maybe next time. Or in one of the other world centers of culture and intellect, like Myrtle Beach.

  10. Carol1:59 PM

    What I like about Black Hawk.

    I enjoyed the structure - going back and forth from the 1818 story to times past, some are touched on in other books, or barely referenced, but I thought that worked well and added suspense. I loved getting to know Justine and also to see the mature, now respectable and responsible Hawker. of couse I've been anticipating this book because I love Adrian so I'm glad to be able to love Justine too and read her story. sigh.

    And I thought you handed the realistic aspects very well, especially the prostitution, attitudes toward sex, and even child abuse / child prostitution. unfortunately we cannot say the world has evolved in 200 years that it does no longer exist. If only.

    You have such deft and balanced and gorgeous phrases, like this:

    "Whatever saint used to own the building, now it was a shrine to Saint Horse." this is such a great instance and deeply telling description from Hawker's POV. simple and humorous and a pleasure to read.

    I also liked seeing Adrian mature, yet he still had a bit of street punk inside no matter how well he could play other parts. And I liked how we saw Adrian and Justine working on 3 different jobs in 3 different time eras.

    Keep writing! You've got a fan in me.

  11. Hi Carol --

    I do stop, frequently, and ask myself what aspects of 'gritty' I should be adding to the book. Any harsh reality has a purpose -- I can't show these are indomitable spirits if they're just punching marshmallows.

    I'm writing entertainment. I want people to come away from the book feeling good. So -- excitement, but not sorrow. I am going for the happy ending.

    I am so glad Justine worked for you. I tried very hard to make her a match for Adrian. His equal.