Friday, March 18, 2011

At DABWAHA for a bit

Those of you who have been following my DA BWAHA saga know that I rather surprisingly slunk into the back row of the competition.  I've managed to survive one bout and have now come up against the redoubtable Courtney Milan.  In particular, her excellent Trial By Desire.

More below the cut:

It has been a question in my mind for the last day whether I would get eliminated by Courtney or wait and be knocked end over end by Loretta Chase's Your Scandalous Ways.  This may turn out to be what they call a Hobson's choice.

It's interesting to come up against this particular book in competition.  Trial by Desire and Forbidden Rose are eerily similar.  In both case, strong heroines are driven to protect those at risk.  In both cases they minutely organize escapes for these victims and cache them in secret hideaways.  In both cases, the heroines assume the mask of harmless frivolity.  In both cases the victims are put at risk by the law of the land.  And in both cases, the heroines use the law of the land against the villain -- dispatching him, not with pistol or sword, but with the very law they work so hard to avoid.  The law the villain has been wielding against them.

It's Friday.  There's a couple few hours left in the contest today.    Drop by and vote for Forbidden Rose in the contest.



  1. I voted...and it's close close close. I swear, while I was on the site, the poll went back and forth a couple times. (I'm sure you've seen Courtney's efforts to trash talk you--while completely holding you in awe--over at her website.)

    Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Christine10:16 AM

    I'm so glad you are doing a little book pimping. I tried a little under the trading card comments but this is much better.

  3. Your Scandalous Ways is a great bastion against which Historical Romance contenders will bash their noggins in vain. Nobody is getting past her.

    I will, however, go rattle my saber at Twitter #DABWAHA as this will add to the general enjoyment.

    What do sabers rattle 'against', anyhow? The sheath? I wouldn't want a sword that kept click-clacking back and forth in its sheath while I walked around.

  4. Are sabers flexible enough to make a rattling (or singing sound, anyway) when shaken all by their lonesomes?? Not sure how intimidating that would be either way....

    Anyhow, looks like the polls closed on the Milan / Bourne match-up...and you was robbed, robbed I tells ya!

    I'm looking forward to the Rita announcements next week, though!!!

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I voted for FR. Maybe that was the kiss of death, since I'm something like 865th in the standings and I picked it for the top contender. :-)

  6. I have not checked my status lately. I was doing about average. That is to say . . . just a tad better than pure chance.

  7. I voted for you Jo, sorry it didn't go beyond the 2nd round.
    Hopefully your bracket will still prevail though.

    FYI: I came up with a fun little DABWAHA rap and I am hosting a contest on my blog. Take a look see!

  8. Anonymous11:55 PM

    I voted for you to go all the way. I loved Courtney's book but .... It shoulda been you.
    The similarities are a little eerie . DLS

  9. *spooky music plays*

  10. CONGRATS!!! Just saw the Rita news!!!!

    All's right with the universe again!!

  11. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Just saw your name pop up as a Rita Finalist for TFR!!!

    Happy happy for you.

  12. Congrats on the RITA nomination. I read your book, Sherry Thomas's and Eloisa's. Good luck.

  13. Whoo hoo on the RITA nominaion. Loved FORBIDDEN ROSE.


  14. I found out this afternoon. I'd been out putting in rhododendrons and came back to find the message on my machine.

    Telling people they have finalled in the RITA must be one of the few entirely pleasant duties of the RWA Board of Directors.

    All of this feels a bit unreal.