Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brenda Novak auction

The Brenda Novak auction for 2010 is up and running. See it here. and here.
This is a very good cause and raises thousands of dollars every year for diabetes research -- something near and dear to my heart.

There are critiques being offered by various writers -- Eric Van Lustbauer, Candice Hern, Cathy Clamp, Madeline Hunter, Jim C. Hines, and by agents such as Jessica Faust and Christine Whittjohn and editors like Sauna Summers and Evil Editor.  (Search 'critique')

Lots of ARCs and signed books up for bid.  Diana Gabaldon.  Sue Grafton.
 Go here.
And you can get your name in a book! (How cool is that?) 
(search 'name')

ETA --

I've pulled the photos out of the blog posting, because I'm not sure of my copyright usage here.
I feel ok during the auction, but with works of art I don't want to infringe on the artist's rights.

There's this quilt from Phyl  about which I can only say -- Wow!

Consider also the Belarusian Gift Basket. Glassy River by Bert Hughes  Or fun soap

Lotsa stuff.

A pretty charm bracelet and a nice Victorian cameo.

I've put up a critique
(There is another critique I'll be doing that goes up as a one-day acution.  I don't know how that works,)
and three ARCs of Forbidden Rose.  Those are ending a couple of hours apart.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this! I made a quilt for the auction and this cause is very personal for our family.

  2. If you post the URL here in the comments thread, I will add your quilt to the post.

    Yes. A cause near to my own heart.

  3. Thanks, Jo!! It's this one:

  4. Awww, thank you, Jo. Very kind of you.

  5. Hi Phyl --

    That is just utterly beautiful. Really. You have great talent.

  6. Again, thank you. I enjoy making them so very much. And since Type 1 diabetes is personal to me it is easy to contribute something like this to the auction.

    And let me, with all sincerity, return the compliment. You have great talent, too. Your books have given me hours of enjoyment. I look forward to more.

  7. 29 days to the release of Forbidden Rose.
    Not that I'm counting or anything.

  8. I want that 10 page crit!

  9. Thanks for the links, Jo. A great cause, and easy to put in a bid.
    While browsing the categories, I noticed the distinction between Historical Romance and Historical Fiction. Being the curious type, and my own story developing relationship issues, I tried to see if I could spot criteria that sent a story to one category or the other.
    I was confused by, and wondered if you could comment upon, the inclusion of a book such as The Seduction of Crimson Rose in Historical Fiction (trade paperback, no less). The title and reviews on Amazon lead me to think it's really a romance, but what do I know (haven't read the book; don't know the author, whom I'm sure is excellent).
    Thanks for any thoughts on this.

  10. I am so looking forward to doing a 10-pager crit.
    I'm doing two actually. Eventually I will find out what a 'one-day auction' is and, like, when.

    Nothing's more fun than giving somebody ELSE'S manuscript a going-over.

  11. Hi Martha --

    I think it's focus. Is the book ABOUT the love story, or is it about the mystery/adventure/suspense or whatever?

    Willig's books, (they're beautiful books, btw,) are sensual and contain a well-developed love story. Two love stories, in fact. I'd be happy to call them genre Romance.

    But the books are detailed enough and accurate enough that they can certainly be 'Historical Fiction'.

    It all comes down to where the bookstore and/or the publisher think the book is going to sell best.

    Marketing is one of those impenetrable mysteries. Like Lychee.

  12. Thanks, Jo. I'll give Willig's books a look. As to the bookstore/publishing business, boo and hiss. I hate impenetrable mysteries in non-metaphysical subjects.