Thursday, November 19, 2009

A week to Thanksgiving

I look up and Boing! it's a week to Thanksgiving.

Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll get the turkey from Whole Foods. They have always had a good, fresh, small turkey at the last minute.

We'll also do sage and onion dressing. Instead of gravy, I generally make cheese sauce. Then there will be sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, and some kind of potatoes. I'd like something else kinda crunchy. Canned corn? Braised carrots?

And I'll make an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

So, anyhow, I'm pondering crunchiness.


  1. I wish we had Thanksgiving in New Zealand. If only for the food.

  2. Do you not have an equivalent?

    Is there no excellent festival that positively requires over-indulgence in traditional comfort foods?

    Like -- I dunnoh -- the Queen's birthday ...?

    The foodinista

    is going to be serving brussel sprouts with fennel, shallots and walnuts.
    This would not go over with my family, I'm afraid.

  3. Jo! You're back! So, who paid the ransom?

  4. Hi Linda --

    What it is ... I've got to about the end of editing on MAGGIE.

    I still need to write up and sneak in some 500 to 1000 words that will fix little plots points. I'll slip them in when the copyedits come roaring through next week.

    And that is that for MAGGIE -- 'Forbidden Rose'.

    Which leaves me a space of time when I am NOT under deadline and I can relax and write posts for the blog and read some of the TBR pile and turn the compost heap for the fall and suchlike.

    This is all just delightful.

    As I relax, my brain is breaking out of its frozen 'deadline terror' and going all squirmy with creativity. I'm having vivid dreams. I'm feeling like myself again.
    Once I write up the neeeded couple hundred last words on MAGGIE I'll be happy to turn to ADRIAN and start blocking out scenes.

  5. Oh, I like 'Forbidden Rose'--great title. Can't wait to see it on my bookshelf.

    The release from deadline terror must feel positively delightful--how wonderful that it comes before the holidays.

    And because I'm such a pal, I promise I won't start bugging you about ADRIAN until after the new year. ;)

  6. I plan to get serious about ADRIAN as soon as I've tucked a last few hundred words into 'Forbidden Rose'. That should be the first week in Decemeber.

    Your work doing ok?

  7. I'm still plugging along. Catspaw is marinating in the desk drawer, waiting for me to cut about 30,000 words. I'll get to that when I can bear to see my first baby bleed.

    I'm trying to find an agent for book 2, a fantasy rom-com--much shorter, tighter and funnier--and I'm working on a third (about halfway through the first draft), another comtemporary fantasy.

    I am cultivating patience & telling myself to settle down and enjoy writing without deadlines. Some days I even listen.

  8. There will be the right agent for you.

    It's just a matter of finding her.

  9. I remember my first American Thanksgiving a few years ago - and being amazed that it really is a day wholly devoted to eating. Not that that's a bad thing...

    I was, however, disappointed that bread sauce doesn't seem to be a traditional US accompaniment to turkey. For me that's the best part of Christmas dinner.

  10. Bread Sauce didn't make the transatlantic crossing from England to the US for some reason, though it made it all the way to Australia + New Zealand.

    Even bread pudding is uncommon. But we do have dressing.

    I don't think I'll make it for Thanksgiving -- bread pudding -- we being pretty well supplied with starches. I might make it some other time though, now that I've thought of it.

    Now, what I miss is 'Yorkshire Pudding', which seems to be entirely unknown in the States.