Friday, September 05, 2008

Making progress

I'm making progress. But I'm writing the easy parts, kinda.

What it is ...

My Averatec stopped printing the 'm'.
This makes an appreciable difficulty in writing, by the way. You'd be surprised how many words have 'm' in them.
I await a new keyboard.

Rough draft 1

59000 / 130000 words. 45% done!

Meanwhile, I'm sitting in coffee houses, working on my old laptop, doing the easy stuff.

This old laptop is the one I wrote Anneka on and I'm fond of it. But it is gaping open at the corners with its mechanical innards showing and 10% of the screen doesn't work and the 'b' key is unreliable.
Though not as unreliable as the 'm' on the Averatec.

My soul gets battered when my laptop doesn't work well. I have a close and personal relationship with my laptop.
We are more than friends.

So I am doing easy little sketches of the scenes I see.

Even taking this into account, I've made some progress.

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