Saturday, August 23, 2008

Desert Island Keepers VII

KSGuard says ...

My DIK list? Do I have to only have one?
Difficult, very difficult.

Shanna - for certain. My first love in historical romance since the age of 11.

Uncertain Magic and The Shadow and the Star - Kinsale

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon.

Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie, though it'd be a tie with Welcome to Temptation.

Bible - it should be first or the lightening might get me.

Montana Sky and the Chesapeake Bay Series - Nora Roberts. I just never get tied of them.

Charm School - Nelson DeMille - not romance but a page-turner

A Macgyver How-to book

I'll stop here...for now.

I loved Shanna when I read it many years ago. Must have read it three or four times. I still have the copy on my Keeper Shelf. Would I enjoy it now? Would it feel dated?
I just don't know.

Outlander ... oh yes. Hmmm ... or maybe Drums. Which would I rather reread if I could only do one. I'd have to think about that for a while.
Great, great books. Such fluid expression and vividness.
(le sigh.)

Crusie ... the book most recently read and loved with an unruly passion was Faking It. But Welcome to Temptation is probably favorite.

I have never read Montana Sky.
So weird. I can't imagine how I missed it. Maybe I slipped into some alternate reality for a while.
I'm pretty sure I have MS tucked away in the TBR pile where it sits like the cherry on the Sundae, waiting for last.
I must think up some plausible excuse to reward myself. Yes.

Haven't read the DeMIlle. Can I say spy thrillers are not my usual cup of tea? Perhaps I will thumb through it in the library and see if it grabs me.


  1. I liked Faking It better than Welcome to Temptation. To me, Amy was just too obnoxious. I find I often dislike Crusie's Best Friends/Sisters in her novels oddly enought. Also, I love in FI when Tilda and Davy go to buy the paintings back. "I married well." Priceless. :D

  2. Hi Moth --

    The sidekick women don't irritate me ... not in Crusie, and not in SEP, who also uses this character set up in comedy. Julia Quinn does the dynamics of paired women or groups of women very well, of course. And I'm reading the four-book Kleypas Wallflower series.

    I'd like to write a sidekick woman someday.