Friday, July 11, 2008

Wordie -- speaking of words

Click on the thumb to see it close up. This is a 'word cloud' of the blog. Interesting, no?

The cloud seems to say ... Leesee ... tell one story, action, plot, scene ... really.

Which is what I'm saying.

Oh ...
Here's one for My Lord and Spymaster

Click on the thumb.

And here's one for Spymaster's Lady.


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    These are so cool...and they made me realize that one big difference between the first and second book is that the first one is primarily from Annique's POV, (hence, she is talking to or thinking about Grey a lot) while the second oen is primarily from Sebastian's POV (and hes thinking about/talking to Jess.) It definitely changes the flavor of the books..and its neat that the wordie picks that up.

  2. Hi Jo,

    This is too cool! I linked it to my blog and here's the result. Very interesting.

    The ones that you did are PERFECT!

  3. Oh, and I just did one for two of my WIP's - it's amazing what comes to the front.

    It just put my stories in perspective. Whoa. (g)

  4. Hi Anon --

    Yes. I was sitting here thinking what this all means.

    That may be it exactly.

    In any case, I do like the colourful words and nifty artistic arrangements. I run this and it makes me think I have done something clever.

  5. Hi Tara --

    The URL you gave doesn't lead to the blog entry, but directly to the Wordle. If you want to repost to show your blog and your comments on the Wordle, that would be cool.

    Niiiiice Wordle. I can see your literary, intellectual side.

    Did you notice how 'ever' comes up for you and 'one' comes up from me. What does this mean? What? What?

  6. Well, I'm in the process of updating my blog, but I can't figure out how to get the picture in my post. It just shows the HTML.

    I'll have to play with this a bit.

    Then I'll link to the 2 WIP files that I Wordled (new word?).

    I was pondering the meaning of "EVER". Weirdness. (g)

  7. Ok - they are up on my blog. If you're really bored, feel free to check them out. (g)

  8. ... and here is Tara's blog, for those who would like to look at more Wordle

  9. Wordle is very cool. Thanks for sharing your results, Jo! I posted for one of my wip at:

    P.S. ML&S was delivered today, can't wait until I have time to read it.

  10. Hi Kaige --

    I hope you enjoy MLAS.

    (jo, nervous)

  11. Jo ~
    Thanks for the Wordle link. Very interesting indeed. Looking at mine in the thumb seems to accentuate things more than when it's enlarged.

    I'm not sure what it "means" either. Very interesting and pleasing to look at though.:o)

  12. Hi Betty --

    I did go to look. Real cool.

    Interesting that both 'wolf' and 'dog' show up in the thumbnail.

  13. Love the word clouds. Could you talk a little bit about how you make them or when in the writing process you make them and how they help? Sorry if I missed a post that talked about all of this...

    And this may be off-topic, but could you clarify a little more (without spoilers, of course) when and how Adrian & Jess were acquainted? He's in Russia with her & her dad acting as their butler, Hurst (love this! adrian as butler! lol!) after he rescues her from Lazarus, right? Does she know him before this? How did he come to be involved in her rescue? And because you mentioned that Annique resembled a young Natasha Kinski, could you put a face on Adrian as well? And Jess as well?

    You are a witch, btw. These characters are ALIVE to me.

  14. Oh, okay. Is a wordle. Cool. If I'd just follow the links, I'd be fine.


    Sorry about that.

  15. Definitely off topic here but I was looking at my copy of MLAS and I was wondering why the cover model has brown hair. Was this one of those things where it was out of your hands? Or too late to fix by the time you were aware of the problem? It's just such a silly mistake I'm mad on your behalf that the publishers did it.

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  17. I deleted my last post because I used FOUR 'ing' verbs- terrible, I realize (now) if one is to appease the writing Gods. Here is the fixed-up version.

    Totally off topic again- I just popped in to say this makes me want to pull my hair out.

    (From a previous blog post).
    Plotting for 'show, not tell' on a whole-story level,
    means general avoidance of scenery, exposition, description, backstory, explanation
    and all the other ways the author speaks directly to the reader,
    where action can be used instead.

    Ahhhhh!!!! she screams, and flees the room.

    Thanks for your reply to my last post. I've checked out the compuserve site.

    I'd love to know more about deep POV.

  18. Hi Lady Leigh --

    I am so sorry to make you pull your hair out. I will try to avoid that, ok.

    I will put something on POV up in a while. I've been thinking about it.