Monday, July 14, 2008

Adrian, Grey, Jessamyn . . . look like . . .

Emlyn says ...

And because you mentioned that Annique resembled a young Natasha Kinski, could you put a face on Adrian as well? And Jess as well?

I got Jess tacked down someplace or other as Robin Wright, in The Princess Bride. Further back in the posts a bit there's links to pictures for both Jess and Annique.

Adrian ...

Two artists' rendering.
painted about five years

This is Sebastian.
Here, .

[Edited to add -- I've pulled out the copyright photo and put in a link to it. Now we are all legal again. ]

And Grey.


creative commons Bollywood Sargam
You are a witch, btw. These characters are ALIVE to me.
(jo blinks.)
You mean they aren't alive?


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Adrian, sure. Grey, sure (and we know where he is, too.)
    Hm. I have to think about that.
    Of course they are alive.
    (By the way, I have decided that the really bad review is the price you pay for your first book being so good--it sets a hard standard for the second book...and a book which by another author would get a great review gets a mediocre or bad one only because the person wants the second book to be the first book--which of course it can' they are disappointed instead of seeing it as a separate book. Especially a problem when they want to go back an spend more time with the characters in your first book!)

  2. Sebastian looks like Viggo Mortensen (the actor pictured)-OMG! I love Viggo- great taste for your hero. He played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy recently released. He has an amazing affair with Liv Tyler, who played Arwyn of the Elves. Oh, man. Now I have to go back and reread the books and picture Viggo!

  3. Hi Anon --

    I dunnoh about even posting what I think folks look like.

    I mean, I have my own picture, but that doesn't make it the only one. So if Sebastian looks different to you, then you're just as correct as I am.

    Bad reviews ... I'm trying not to think about them. Ouch, says I.

    I miss Annique and Grey too. Of course, it's easier for me because I know where they go next and what they do, so it's not really 'good-bye' for me.

  4. Hi Lady Leigh --

    I'm going to admit that I don't watch movies much. I find the experience too overwhelming. I'd much rather read.

    Viggo. OK.

    (Well, what I'm actually thinking is, what kind of parents name their kid Viggo?)

    I love LOTR. I must have read it ten times when I was a teenager.

    (And what kind of parents name their kid Aragorn?)

  5. Viggo is part Danish on his father's side. It's a Danish name apparently.

    Jo, did you totally miss out on the Lord of the Rings while you were off fighting for king and country in Europe? ;P

    Oh, and thank you for answering my imperinent cover question. Maybe I'll just cut out a piccie of Robin Wright Penn and put that on the cover. The brunette throws me off.

    Adrian's purdy. :D

  6. The pic of Grey kind of looks like Pierce Brosnan. Is it? *squints*

  7. Now remember seeing Robin Wright comment on previous post & was concentrating so hard on Annique that I completely forgot. My bad. Love the Adrian paintings. Who? What?

    I think that's Viggo too, btw.

  8. I have not seen LOTR: the Movie. I don't know what I'm saving myself for.

    My movie going is sort of hit-or-miss and I have a long list of great flicks I'm going to sit down and enjoy when I get my act together.
    Which I haven't yet.
    Though I eagerly await the event.

    I am getting used to the name Viggo.
    But it still sounds like a protein drink.

    The Adrian paintings ... they are in the public domain. (Yeah!) The one on the right is Ingres. Some friend of his who was an artist. The one on the left is by Begas.

    I may be a bit startled by the brunette on MLAS ... (along the lines o'
    'Who are you and why are you sitting on my book') but it's still lovely, isn't it? Judy York is the cover artist and she does beautiul work.

  9. I must say, the picture of Adrian on the left reminds me very much of David Tennant, the Scottish actor currently playing Doctor Who.

  10. Oh, and that pic of Grey is Pierce Brosnan from After the Sunset.

  11. Hi Jen --

    You have a good eye for faces. *g*

    I know how I think the folks look. But this may not be everybody's image. And other folks are right too.

  12. Hi Jo, I second lady leigh's ID on Viggo Mortensen. If that's the way it's spelled. In LOTR with horrible hair, also rode a horse on some crazy ride across the desert movie. Quite boring, it dusts around on cable and I turn the channel. Also in another movie where he owns a coffee shop in a small town. He's hiding from the mob, with a new identity, that gets blown up.
    Lots of shooting and guns. Co-stars Ed Harris and oh, drat, no clue. IOW, eminently forgettable.

  13. Hi Lynne --
    I will, beyond question, have to watch LOTR, just to see what they have done with it. I cannot imagine any movie doing justice to the book, of course.

    Seeking him out on the net, I see our Viggo with long, somewhat straggly hair. (Should that have a hyphen in it, I wonder?)

    He is not, perhaps, my mental picture of Aragorn.

    But that's the whole point, in a way. The individual imagination of the reader supplies the 'picture'. And should.

  14. I love that the picture of Grey is in the bath!!!

  15. Hi Ros --

    He's cute in the bath, isn't he?

    I wouldn't kick him out.

  16. Barbara M1:07 PM

    If someone hasn't already sent you the ref, it's definitely Viggo. An interesting guy, because depending on the image, he's very sexy or not very. I found the pic on the 7th page of the Google image results... The URL is long and doesn't fit in the cute little blogger box... If you still need it, I can email it to you.

    Barbara M

  17. Hello Barbara M --

    Thanks so much. I went and changed it.

  18. LOTR the movie...and LOTR the book...

    They complement each other. They are two interpretations of the same story. Similar, but not identical. Each one has shortcomings, but both are well worth taking time to immerse oneself in.

    The soundtrack and the visuals alone make the movie worth watching. But Peter Jackson took the time to tell a beautiful, emotional story.

    Make sure you watch the extended versions. And it will take you several nights to get through it all.